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The Evil Eye 18 December 2020: The Evil Eye Friday 18th December 2020, Shekhar asks Ansh to hold bappa, Ansh says I dont have to follow rituals everytime, he leaves. Ansh starts going to his house, Piya’s locket is hanging from his balcony and falls down, it drops in his shirt and Ansh stops. Shekhar says to Rishi that our son has to take bappa inside so you do it. Ansh comes there and stops him, he takes bappa from Shekhar and says I will take Ganesh idol inside like everytime. Ruby is stunned and thinks what happened to Ansh? Rishi says he has become unpredictable.

In house, Mohana says to Vedsheree that you are a fool to trust pooja paat and think devik will save him, you were always different and naive thats why mom threw you out of house, no devik or devi can save Ansh, I will take Ansh with me. Vedsheree hears Ansh calling out for Maa. Mohana gets emotional hearing him, bot Vedsheree and Mohana cries and whispers Ansh.. they look at each other. Mohana glares at her and says look at Ansh one last time as you wont be able to see him again. Vedsheree goes to Ansh and thinks how to save Ansh? She comes to lounge and sees all chanting for bappa. Shekhar asks Vedsheree where is aarti plate? will not welcome bappa? Mohana hides and is tensed, she looks at Ganesh idol and gets tensed.
Ruby comes to room and says how can Ansh go against me, if Mohana knows this then.. Mohana grabs her from her hair.

Family stands in mandir, she asks Vedsheree to start aarti, he asks where is Ruby? Chitali says she must be in her room, Vedsheree says I will call her. She starts leaving and thinks dont know where these witches are. They cant come to aarti but I have to find out what they are upto.

The Evil Eye 18 December 2020: Mohana hangs Ruby from balcony. Ruby says its not mistake, please. Mohana says you said Ansh is in your hands and this happens? Vedsheree comes to Ruby’s room and looks around. Mohana says to Ruby that I made Ansh marry you so he would listen to you but he is doing what Vedsheree wants.

Scene 2
Piya is trying to get herbs to make remedy for Guru Maa. She cant reach tree so brings stool and comes back, she says how did tree come down? she takes herbs and starts leaving, tree goes back to its place after bowing to her.

Vedsheree comes to balcony and sees Mohana hanging Ruby from there. Ruby says Ansh was in my control but something happened, give me some time. Mohana says I will give you time till today only. Ruby says please leave me. Mohana throws Ruby, Ruby falls down from window and falls in room. Vedsheree is scared. Mohana smirks and says sister were you looking for me? dont worry, I am not going without Ansh from here. Vedsheree laughs. Mohana asks if she has gone crazy? Vedsheree says you have gone crazy, you came to take Ansh but he is holding God’s idol, Ruby told you that Ansh is her hands but you saw the truth? your blood can have power but Ansh proved today that he is my son.

Star Life The Evil Eye 18 December 2020: Naman sits with Guru Maa and says talk to me, Guru Maa says witch is eyeing that house, Piya is a devik, I know you love her a lot but deviks are for davansh only, Piya is made for Ansh and nobody can separate them. Naman says we will talk later about that. Guru Maa says we dont have time, you have to promise to make Piya meet Ansh and unite them, Piya comes there. Guru Maa puts Piya’s hand in Naman’s hand, she asks Naman to do what she wishes for, its her last wish. Guru Maa dies. Piya is stunned.

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