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The Evil Eye 18 June 2021: Ansh and Piya see the footsteps of Singha. Piya says nothing is removing them. Piya goes to Vedeshree. Ansh looks at Angad. Mohana brings Angad to the hall. He is blindfolded. Angad smiles. Ansh says in heart he hid something in the jacket. Mohana says choose your sherwani. Mohana says I like this one. Piya says yes this is good. Angad says then I will try this one. Ansh says yes, try this one. Give me your jacket. Ansh finds a horn in his jacket.

Angad wears the sherwani. He says how is it? Mohana says very pretty but not more than my groom to be. Ansh says murderer to be. See what I found in his jacket. Piya says this is Singha’s horn. Ansh says what is it doing in his jacket? Angad says let me explain, please. I found this in Mohs room. Ansh says don’t do this drama now. Angad says I am not lying. Ansh says why didn’t you tell us? So you could attack Mohana again? Mohana says enough Ansh, you can’t blame him without proof. Ansh says this horn is the proof.

Nishant says Ansh, pick up the call. Why is he not picking up the call it’s important. Without him, this plan won’t work. Angad says I didn’t tell anyone because everyone was busy in preps. I was going to tell everyone after the engagement. Ansh says you knew we were looking for Singha. Piya says Ansh calm down, please. Ansh says why can’t you all see? He is Singha. Angad says I am not.

Ansh says I know how to make him confess. Mohana says don’t dare to touch him. Singha is a danger to me, not you. Ansh says he is a danger to everyone and he is in our house. Mohana says don’t come between us. Don’t say a word against Angad. Shekhar says we are with you because Vedeshree came back because of you. But think before speaking that you’re talking to my son. Vedeshree says can you all please calm down. Ved gets a call from Nishant. She says Ansh, Nishant wants to talk to you. Ansh says okay papa, I am coming right now.

Scene 2
Savi says to Ansh, we got to know that he has something to do with the moon. But we can’t wait till night to find out. We need your help. Nishant says I want you to take the horn to the west. Take it to a place where it’s night. So we can know how does it react to the moon. Naman says wow, you have an amazing idea. Ansh says but I can’t go right now because Angad is home and I think he is Singha. Nishant says then you must go to find out. Ansh says okay papa, I will go.

Ved says to Piya you trust Mohana. That’s why we are with her in her happiness. And Ansh.. Piya says Ansh would calm down once he finds about Singha. Ved says I am with you. Piya says look at Mohana. She has changed, Angad changed her. We should start afresh.

Chetali says you look good Mohana. Angad comes there. Chetali says let’s do the tilak. Vedeshree says Piya will do the tilak. Mohana says yes Piya, my whole family is with me because of you. Piya is about to apply tilak on Mohana. Chetali says no Piya. she applies tilak on Angad’s forehead. Piya feels something wrong. She says in the heart was Ansh right? Piya says let me check Adi and Pari. Piya goes upstairs.

Scene 3
Ansh is flying to the west. Piya looks for Ansh.. She calls him. Piya says why is his phone off? I should have trusted him. How do I tell him about Angad? She calls Nishant. Angad comes there. He says so, you got to know everything. Piya says don’t come near me. Piya shoves him. She locks him in a fire circle. Angad says Piya please listen. This is not what you think. Piya says I should have listened to Ansh. You tried to kill Mohana. You’re Singha. I thought you’re a good human who loves Mohana. Angad says I love Mohana. Piya says you’re Singha. He says Piya please, listen to me. Try to understand. I don’t have time. Piya removes fire. She says what do you want to say?

Ved and Chetali go to the kitchen. Mohana holds Ved’s hand. She says don’t be scared. I won’t harm you. I know I have done wrong to you all. But now I want to change. You always wanted me to walk on right path and I considered you fool. But now I have realized I am a fool. After Angad’s love, I got to know how scary is it to lose someone. I tried to take your family from you. And so many times. Vedeshree says let’s get over the past. We shouldn’t talk about that today.

Mohana says I know you can’t forget what I did. Vedeshree says yes we can’t. but we are your family and will not hinder your happiness. Mohana says I know you can’t trust me but I promise you I will win your trust. She gives her ring to Vedeshree and says this is a small gift for you, as the first step of trust between sisters.

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