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The Evil Eye 28 May 2021: Nishant tells Piya that we asked evil powers if Dev was with Divya when she caught them and they confirmed that Dev helped Divya. Piya says what about what is happening with Ansh? Nishant says Dev is not behind that. Vedsheree saysDev doesn’t seem bad, only you are doubting him. Piya says can’t you see, Ansh is in pain. Vedsheree says it because you are a devik and Dev is a devik too. Piya says you want me to go away from Ansh? Nishant says we have no history of two Deviks together. Shekhar says if we don’t find a solution then Ansh will die. Piya says only Dev has answers that’s why I am attacking him.

Nishant asks Dev how can they save Ansh? Vedsheree asks him to answer, it’s about his life. Dev says Deviks world has a rule that if two deviks come in-front of each other then they have to become one.. I mean they have to marry. All are shocked to hear that. Piya says have you gone mad? this can’t be true, I am already married, you have no shame. Dev says fate wants us together, you don’t want to save Ansh? Piya says life and death are in God’s hand. Shekhar says Dev is right. The flashback shows how Dev had already to Shekhar and Vedsheree and told them that Piya has to marry him to save Ansh.

Naman brings Saanvi to Dilruba and ties her to the chair, he tells her that we can give her to your mother.

Piya asks the family how can you listen to him? Vedsheree says we have to save Ansh, there is no other way. Dev says I know that it’s not easy but I want to save Ansh. Piya says stop it. Vedsheree says he is trying to help us, we don’t have any other way, I just want to save Ansh and if you have to marry Dev then please do.

Saanvi kicks Naman and asks if he has gone mad to kidnap her? Naman says I didn’t have a choice but I have a plan, listen to me. He says until I don’t have a solution, you should stay here. Saanvi says I will kill her.

Piya talks to Nishant and he says that I understand you but Dev is not lying, we don’t have anything against him, he is a powerful Devik. Piya says I am not scared of him, he did this with Ansh. Nishant says maybe your powers are repelling Ansh because of Dev and your connection with him. Piya says you also think that I should listen to Dev? Nishant says you have to take this decision, it’s on you.

Naman says to Saanvi that if you attack her then she will kill you. Dilruba comes there and says mom is here.

Piya comes to Ansh and sees him lying in the bed, she cries. Ansh wakes up and asks what happened? Why are you crying? She says nothing, just become fine soon, you are in this condition because of me. Ansh says you are my life and our connection is strongest, don’t doubt it, if I am alive then it’s because of you. Pari and Adi come there and pray for Ansh.

Vedsheree asks Nishant to talk to Piya, we don’t have much time for Ansh, Dev said that he leaves. Nishant says what if Piya was right?

Piya prays in mandir and asks Maa if she is behind Ansh’s condition, I love him a lot. You gave me these powers then how can it be a curse for Ansh?
Ansh gets up from bed and sees liquid on the floor. He touches it and gets shocked. He says it means I am in this condition because of this liquid and not Piya. He follows it and comes out of the room. He touches things around and gets shocked. He says it means protection was created around the house to get me shocked and stay away from Piya, someone is plotting this.

Dev is going somewhere. Ansh follows him and hides. Dev meets his mysterious friend and says once I am married to Piya then our work will be done, being a Devik is a curse, we suffer because of these humans and they expect deviks to work for them but my life became easier when I went on the dark side and once I am married to Piya, she will come on dark side and our powers will double. Ansh comes there and glares at him.

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