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The Evil Eye update Monday 10th May 2021 Starlife Urvashi throws oil away. Pari thinks Nishant must have sent it. Piya thinks I can find more oil but I need Ansh and Pari’s help. Urvashi says you cant win over me, marry me. Piya tells Ansh that you have to understand we cant make her lose, she is way more powerful. She hints at Pari and Ansh and says panch.. Pari think she is talking about panch oil. Pari says I dont think Urvashi knows. Urvashi says five essentials of universe is called panch.

Piya says we have to attack her with 5 essentials, she throws water and sand at her. Urvashi says this is not enough to beat me. Pari uses her powers to throw sand at her, Ansh creates air around her. Piya says we have 3 essentials now. Urvashi says but you have no fire. Adi wakes up. Ansh says remember you can use your powers, remember how you used to get fire. Urvashi says this fool cant do anything. Adi gets angry and creates fire around Urvashi. She says you dont have sky with you which is last essential.

Family prays to lord for Piya and family. Ganesha is shown in sky, Piya and Ansh fold hands and pray to him. Piya says God is with us and it makes unbelievable happen too. Sky attacks on her. Urvashi gets burned and vanishes from there. Piya runs and hugs her kids. Pari says we made Urvashi lose.

Naman sees Dilruba becoming of ice, he asks her to wake up. Suddenly she becomes fine and wakes up, she smiles. Naman says I will leave you, you need a celebrity, love is everything for me so I have decided to free you from today, he sadly leaves from there.

Piya, Ansh, Pari and Adi comes home. Piya cleans Pari’s wound, Ansh does it for Adi. Their hands touch and they blush. Vedsheree says you both can sit and talk. Piya says no I should go to my house. Chitali says this is your house. Pari says I want to live with Ansh and Adi. Vedsheree says dont separate them. Piya says you people threw me out of house this, I tried telling Ansh but he didnt listen to me, he separated me from my son, I dont have value here.

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