The Evil Eye update Monday 11 January 2021 On Starlife


Sushant says where is water near us? He sees pool spilling. Vedsheree says what is this? Sushant tries to talk to Divya in water, he throws powder on it and sees Divya’s image, she is asking for help. She asks Sushant to come near her. Her hand comes out of water. Sushant holds her hand and tries to pull her out. Dilruba thinks how her hand came out? Shekhar says what is a water place near us? Ansh says it can be water tank, I will go and check. All family members turn to leave. Sushant asks Piya to help him, fake Piya doesnt listen first but Ansh calls her out. She rushes to Divya but Divya knows she is fake.

Mohana comes to water tank and opens it, Divya is inside. She pulls Divya out of it. Divya is gone from swimming pool and Sushant cant stop it.
All family members are coming to water tank but Mohana pulls out Divya and hides with her. Family checks water tank but doesnt find her there.
Mohana brings Divya in house. She sees Chitali and Avi in lounge and says I have to go my room but they can see me. Dilruba comes to her. Mohana shows Divya tied to her braid. Dilruba says she kidnapped me, Mohana says distract them so I can take her to my room. Dilruba as fake Piya goes to Avi and Chitali. She keeps talking to them while Mohana takes Divya from there.

Mohana puts Divya in bathing tub in her room.
Ansh says to Piya that your mother was not in tank, dont worry we will find your mother, we are with you. Piya says you will be with me? Ansh says I promised to find your mother. Dilruba thinks that he doesnt even look at me, keeps thinking about mother only, I have to pull him in love trap. Mohans smirks at Dilruba. Dilruba thinks that I will win Ansh.
Fake Piya comes to family and says mother is here, she leaves from there. Sushant says I knew she was here.
Dilruba comes to Mohana and says now they will find Divya and Ansh will like me and marry me. Mohana are you crazy? if they find Divya then they will find real Piya and you will be thrown out of house. Dilruba says waht to do then? I will eat her, she is about to eat her but Mohana stops her and says we need her. She hears someone coming so she takes Divya and hides her in secret room. All family members come there. Dilruba takes Piya’s avatar and says I saw my mother here but she is gone. Shekhar says are you sure? Piya acts like crying and says I have been searching for her, I saw her. Sushant says we will find her soon. Piya cries and leaves. Ansh goes behind her.

Ansh comes to Piya and asks her to not cry, you can wait a little more. Piya says I feel like I wont be able to meet Maa now, I have been waiting so much. Ansh goes and hugs her. Dilruba thinks that this soft hearted person doesnt know that I am not Piya. Ansh hugs her and looks at her back in mirror, he is stunned as he recalls how his eyes used to blaze whenever he touched Piya but his eyes are normal now. Ansh moves away from her.

Vedsheree says Piya is dying to meet her mother. Shekhar says maybe she saw her mother, they all leave. Sushant looks at the wall behind which is a secret room and Divya there. Sushant says I feel like Divya is near me.. he starts to leave from there but Divya takes a deep breath. Mohana strangles her. Sushant says Divya I will find you soon at any cost. He leaves. Mohana comes out of secret room with Divya and says he wont be able to find his wife because I will hide her in a place where you wont be able to find her.


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