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The Evil Eye 14 December 2020: The Evil Eye update 14th December 2020, They bathe Ruby with milk. Ruby thinks its just for sometime. Vedsheree does their aarti and prays that priest is wrong about Ruby.

Priest looks around in milk tub where they bathed Ruby, he finds fake devi’s mark skin in milk bowl. He says I was right, Ruby is not real devik. He turns and sees Ruby. He shows fake mark to Ruby and says your lie is caught, this marriage cant happen, I will tell Vedsheree that you are not Devik. Ruby laughs and says you dont know whole truth. She takes witch avatar and says I am dayaan. He is stunned. Ruby catches him with her long hair and says this marriage will happen at any cost, she throws him from balcony and thinks nobody can stop this wedding.

Ruby comes to mandap as a bride. Vedsheree is looking for priest. Avi says lets tart varmala. Vedsheree says no, not right now. Chitali says its time. Ansh and Ruby takes varmalas. Ruby makes him wear it. Vedsheree thinks how to stop them? where is priest? Ansh makes Ruby wear garland. Mohana smirks. Junior priest says lets start pheras. Vedsheree says no we should wait for head priest. Shekhar asks where is he?

The Evil Eye 14 December 2020: Priest is hanging from high floor balcony, he tries to climb but loses balance and falls down, he grabs another balcony plank.

In venue, Avi says we can wait so much, lets start mantra, we cant wait for priest when good time is passing. Vedsheree thinks that where is priest? Ruby thinks why she wants to wait? I will make sure this wedding happens. She looks at Ansh and says come on, lets get married. Mohana posses Ansh. Ansh starts going to mandap with Ruby. Vedsheree asks Ansh to stop, he doesnt listen to her. Mohana thinks that Ansh will listen to me now. Vedsheree says Ansh stop, listen to me. Ansh keeps going with Ruby. Priest comes there and hides, he whispers to Vedsheree to stop wedding. Vedsheree is tensed and looks around. She sees diya and thinks there is only way to stop Ansh. Vedsheree puts her saree on fire and screams Ansh! Ansh sees it and runs to her. He takes shawl and covers her. Vedsheree faints. Mohana thinks why there is always a stop in Ansh’s wedding? I have to do something.

Scene 2
Vedsheree lies in bed. She says I am fine. Ansh says anything could have happened. Priest is hiding outside room. She asks them to go out, she will change. Chitali says we have to do pheras. Priest hints no. Vedsheree says to family that pheras cant happen, its not good time, you all go.

Star Life The Evil Eye 14 December 2020: Vedsheree talks to priest. Priest says Ruby is devik. Vedsheree says what? Priest says she is a witch. Vedsheree is shocked and says no, Ruby cant be witch, she had devi’s mark on her shoulder. Priest says you saw this, he shows her fake mark on fake skin. Vedsheree takes it and is stunned.

Piya is in mandir and praying. She hears screams from door where Mohana is locked. She hears that someone is asking for help. She opens Mohana’s room and sees Mohana lying there, she says I am thristy, please help me. Mohana thinks that if this girl put foot in my room then I can leave this place. She sees Piya on door.

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