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The Evil Eye 21 June 2021: The Evil Eye update Monday 21st June 2021 Mohana says you have taken my love and I will return that. Mohana sits down with Angad and cries. Mohana says now you will see a witch’s revenge. Lights start sparking. Mohana picks Angad. She recalls their moment together.

Vedeshree says Mohana is really angry. I don’t know what would she do. Chetali says what will happen now. Ansh says we will face whatever happens now. Vedeshree says her gaze didn’t let us live. How dangerous would her revenge be? I am her sister, I know what her revenge can do. Chetali says Ansh, you shouldn’t have killed Angad. Ansh says he would have killed so many people. Shekhar says we should prepare for what’s coming.

Mohana cries and says we were going to live our life together. I didn’t know it would end like this. They didn’t let us complete our 7 rounds. I will ruin their lives. They will cry so much that their tears would dry.
Ansh says Piya you also think I did wrong? Piya says you did what you should have at that moment. She hugs him. Mohana does Ansh’s funeral. She says no matter what happens, I will avenge your death.

Scene 2
Nishant says this wasn’t right. Savi says Mohana has threatened them. Nishant says a witch’s threat cannot be taken lightly especially when her heart is hurt. When she comes back, we will see her face when we have never seen before. She was so selfish that she was ready to kill her own son for her age. She fell in love. Her love was taken from her, she will cry for next 24 hours. In those 24 hours her revenge burns. We have tonight only, to stop her.

Piya says to Ansh, we have tonight only to stop Mohana. Tomorrow she will be so angry, she will ruin everything. Papa told me that. She will come to take revenge from you tomorrow. Ansh says I am not scared of her. Vedeshree says but I am scared. I can’t lose you. Shekhar says we have to stop Mohana. Piya says we have to catch her.
Mohana says you killed Angad to kill Singha. You have tonight only. After that, no one can save you from my wrath.

Savi says we caught Mohana so many times but she ran away always. Nishant says we have to find a way out. Savi says we have to detain her. A frame falls. Nishant says this frame fell before too. Savi says no nail stays on this wall. I did this before too. Nishant says I found a way to detain her.

Scene 3
Nishant comes to Ansh. Ansh says are you sure papa? He says I am not but we have to try. Shekhar says sometimes, we have to do wrong to stop the wrong. Vedeshree says if we don’t stop her, she will kill us all.

Mohana says you left me Angad, but my revenge isn’t gone. Everyone comes there with arrows. Mohana says wasn’t kill Angad enough that you want to kill me as well? Ansh says we are here to catch you only so you don’t do what you shouldn’t. Mohana says I will do what I have to. You did what you shouldn’t have. No one can save you now, not these weapons. Vedeshree says but our faith can save us. She shows her ganga jal. Everyone throws ganga jal on her. Nishant ropes her. Vedeshree says we understand your pain. But I wish you could understand why we are doing this and why Ansh killed Singa. Forgive us.

Mohana is detained in a casket. Nishant says this is the nail. Only you know hit the nail on the casket to lock her there forever. Mohana says no Ansh, don’t lock me here. She cries. Piya says Ansh, this is the only way. Mohana says my only mistake is that I was trying to change? Is this what I got? Savi says Ansh, don’t listen to her. Mohana cries and says no Ansh. Mohana says I gave you birth Ansh. You considered Vedeshree your mother always. I only wanted you to be happy for me. Now you’re locking me here forever, don’t take my freedom from me. She cries. Ansh hits the nail on the casket. He says done, let’s go. They all come out. Nishant says I have sealed the door as well. We shouldn’t be scared of Mohana. She is detained forever.

Mohana throws the nail. She says I knew Ansh, my emotional drama would affect you. You didn’t hit the nail right. You don’t link from the mind like your mother. Now, no one can save you. Your mother would be your Kaal.

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