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The Evil Eye 31 May 2021: Piya finds Ansh’s phone and hides in a room. Dev comes there and says I know you are hiding here. Pari tells Adi that we have to help Piya, that bad uncle Dev is forcing her to marry. Mom asked us to not cross the line but we can fly out of this room.

Dev finds Piya in the cupboard and says you have to marry if you want safety for your Ansh from me.

Pari and Adi jump out of a window and meet Nishant outside the house. Nishant says there is a shield created and we can’t go inside.

Dev brings Piya to the mandap and says we have to marry. Vedsheree says I will do gathbandhan if Nishant is not here.

Adi tells Nishant that I can break this protective wall, he becomes a cyclone and breaks it, he says let’s go inside.

Naman falls down as he got stabbed after coming in front of Dilruba and saving her from her mother. Her mother says he is a human, you lied to me.

Dev tells Piya that this should happen. He is about to make her wear the mangalsutra but someone breaks in the house. All turn to see that it’s Mohana coming out of the cupboard. Nishant comes behind her. Piya says papa? Nishant says Devik is not an enemy of anyone but Devik’s enemy is a Dayan. All look on.

Dilruba’s mother is about to attack Naman more, she uses her powers to wake him up. Dilruba gets happy.

Dev tells Mohana that you will stop me? I will marry Piya and you won’t be able to stop me, if you don’t let me marry her then Ansh will die. Shekhar says Nishant you have taken Mohana’s side? Mohana says I don’t care about Ansh but a dayan can’t let a devik win and kill another Davansh. She grabs Dev and eats his life but nothing happens to him. Dev says you can’t harm me. Mohana says how can this happen? Piya says because he is not devik only, he has joined his hand with evil powers and he is wrong. Vedsheree says what? Piya plays his recording of confessing that he is working with evil powers.

Ansh wakes up and thinks that he has to save Piya. He recalls Piya’s words that earth is our mother and trees are our life. Ansh prays and calls witch tree there. He takes energy from it and becomes fine.

Naman gets up and says I am fine. Dilruba asks her mother why she saved Naman? She says that he was ready to die for you, I am a chudail but I want someone good for my daughter. Naman says that is great, let’s celebrate. Saanvi asks him to look at his feet. He sees that they have turned to chudail-like.

Piya plays Dev’s recording that he is using Ansh to marry Piya and get her powers. Vedsheree says but he is a devik? Piya says he has gone on the dark side and Ansh is not getting ill because of me but this man. Nishant says he has powers that he is using against Ansh. Dev says so you will fight me alone Piya? Pari and Adi come there and say she is not alone. Ansh comes there and says Davansh is with them too.

Piya says Ansh has become fine? Piya says we are all against you. Dev says you are going against a devik? You are with Mohana who tried to kill you? These kids are of Ansh and have the blood of a Davansh. Piya says you are a devik but you are with evil powers. Dev says these people are with you only because you are a devik, they use your powers for their protection. He tells Ansh that you can come to the dark side, the dark side allows us to do anything we want. Mohana says Dev is right, Ansh is not coming on the bad side, he is powerful because he is on the bad side. Mohana says I am on Dev’s side as he is on bad side. Dev says if Piya comes on our side then Ansh will come on the bad side too so Mohana you have to be with me.

Naman is shocked and says I have become a chudail? He asks Dilruba’s mother to make him a human again. Dilruba says I am so happy, you are part of the family now.

Mohana looks on. Pari asks Mohana to stay on their side. Nishant says I brought you here so you can’t cheat me. Mohana says I am a dayan so you think that you can trust me? My benefit is to stand with Dev right now. Dev says I knew you wouldn’t go on their side. Mohana glares at him and hits Dev. Dev is stunned.

Dilruba’s mother says my son in law is so good. Dilruba calls her bats and says my husband is a chudail now, they all are to welcome you Naman. Naman says no, what family?

Dev gets up and tells Mohana that you thought I trusted you? You will die now. He tries to attack her but Ansh comes in front of her and saves her. Pari tries to attack Dev but he throws her away. Ansh says attack him together, they try but Dev hits them all.

Dilruba does Naman’s aarti in chudail style. Naman looks on.

Piya glares at Dev. Dev says I am fighting for you so I can’t hit you. Piya says but I can, she is about to attack Dev but all family members come in front of Dev and says he is right and we are with him, Dev says now how will you attack your family? They are your weakness.

Naman tries but he keeps flying like a chudail. He asks Saanvi to help him.

Vedsheree attacks Piya as she is under Dev’s spell. Ansh shouts Piya.

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