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The Evil Eye 12 June 2021: Mohana says prepare for the consequence. Piya says what do you mean? Mohana says you will know when she comes. Ansh says we are only worried about Ma. Mohana says asking for help? I won’t help you now. Piya says if you don’t help us Maha witch would come. Mohana says I don’t care anymore. I will see what happens. Shekhar says this all is happening because of you. Bring my Vedeshree back. He throws a vase on her. Mohana throttles him. She says better not be this angry at this age. Don’t make me angry, it won’t be good for your health.

Chetali gives milk to the kids and says let’s sleep now. Pari sees a doll.
Ansha is worried. He recalls his moments with Vedeshree. Piya wipes his tears. She says how is papa? Ansh says he just slept. Piya says he can’t live without ma. Ansh says if I can’t bring ma I won’t be able to forgive myself. Ma gave up her life and turned into ashes for us. We couldn’t do anything. Pari comes and says papa I want to show you something. Ansh says not right now. Pari says that doll. Piya says you can go play with the doll. Don’t make noise, dada would wake up. Pari leaves. Pari says who brought that doll? It isn’t there. The doll is on the sofa. Pari says who brought it here? She picks it.

Nishant says they can only turn into Maha witch if they take permission from their mom. Pandit ji says maybe Kalashree took permission from her beforehand? Nishant says no it can happen only after the join. I was there when it happened, their mother wasn’t there. How did Kalashree take permission then?

Scene 2
Ansh wakes up Shekhar. He says did your mom come? Ansh says she will come soon. Shekhar says did Nishant tell anything? Ansh hugs him and says don’t worry. He is trying. Ma will come back soon.
Pari says how did this doll come here? She picks it. Piya asks Adi to check the ashes. He says it’s there. Piya says to Ansh papa said, we would see changes the ashes if it is turning into maha witch. Adi is saying it’s like before. That means the join didn’t get permission from Patmayan. Without Patmayan’s hair, they can’t get permission. Ansh says her braid is captured in the cave. She can’t come here. Piya says this is about witches. We should take help from Mohana. She is ma’s sister and Patmayan’s daughter. Ansh says she won’t help us. I won’t take help from her. Where is she?

Scene 3
Mohana is outside. She sees a man. He comes out of the car. He says to Mohana, I am Angad. I am new here. Do you live here? Mohana says yes. I am Mohana, you can call me Moh. He says nice to meet you Moh. He leaves.
Ansh says taking help from her would do more harm than good. Piya says she won’t even know she is helping us. Ansh says she would rather manipulate us. Piya says if it is beneficial for us, she would help us. Pari says mama papa, did you see my Rosy? Ansh says who? She says my doll. Piya says we don’t know, ask Ansh. Pari leaves. Mohana comes in looking glamorous. Piya says what happened to her?

Nishant says to Patmayan you have to answer us. She says three questions only. Nishant says does Kalashree need your approval to become maha witch? She says yes. Pandit ji says would she get it from your hair? She shoves her braid. Someone hits Adi. Adi says why did you hit me Pari? Pari says you left my Rosy in the balcony. He says who Rosy? Pari says my doll. Adi says why would I do that? She says to annoy me. Adi says I didn’t do it. She hits him with cushion. Adi throws the doll away.

Patmayan says yes. One question is left only. Nishant says where is your hair? She says where it should be. The hair is there. It only needs to get to the ashes. The doll walks itself.
Nishant calls Piya. She says how would we find a hair in this house? I don’t think her hair can get where Adi hid the ashes. The doll comes there. Pari says Rosy, how did you come here? If Adi hides you now, I will hide his cars. Adi says to Piya I need chocolates. She says I will give it to you. Nishant says Patmayan isn’t an ordinary witch. If she has sent her hair there for approval, it will get to the ashes. You have to be careful.

Scene 4
Naman says to Chota you know what to do right? Dilruba’s mom comes. Chota hits Naman. Dilruba’s mom says stop Chota. Wy are you hitting my SIL. She takes Chota out of the circle. The circle breaks. Naman says thank you. We have to go somewhere. He makes a circle around her. Naman says sorry but you have to stay here.

Mohana looks at Angad. He gives her number to her. Mohana texts him. Angad asks are you free in the evening? She says good things aren’t free. He says let’s meet at 8. She says 10. He says I really like your profile picture. Mohana smiles.

Chota and Naman come outside the cave. He says we are near the black powers. Attack. Naman says who are these people? Chota says they’re all hungry people dying to eat you. Chota says why are they looking at me? Chota says they’re scared of you. You’re a witch. Naman says I am new to this. Chota says this is your first life as a witch. Death can’t even touch you. Naman says what are you saying. Chota says kill one of them. Naman says no, I won’t. Chota says don’t you want to be Revawanshi? She says no, I have decided to live here now.

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