The Evil Eye update Saturday 12th December 2020 On Starlife – TellyLover  

The Evil Eye 12 December 2020: Piya comes in room and sees Ruby normal. Ruby asks her girl what happened? Girl says she killed all my team mates and I ranaway from her, she was floating in air and had big hair. Ruby says wat are you saying? Girl says dont know where my friends are. Ruby smirks, she is hanging dead girls with her hair but Piya cant see it. Girl says I am not lying, Vedsheree says to Guru Maa that no you are mistaken, we have found pious girl, her name is Ruby.

Piya brings girl to Vedsheree and says she saw something and thinks it was Ruby. Ruby comes there and thinks that I have to take help from Mohana, she rubs her ring. Mohana sends her powers to girl. Girl says when I come out of room, Ruby was fine but Piya asked me to lie to you.

Piya says why are you lying? you told me all that Ruby was floating in air, Piya says to Vedsheree that I saw Ruby making her parents cry and grabbed their necks too. Her fake parents see Ruby glaring at them and says no, Ruby never insulted them, she is a good daughter. Avi asks Piya to stop it, Ruby is our respect, dont lie. Ruby comes there and asks if everything is fine? Avi says yes. Piya sadly turns to leave but Guru Maa comes there and says Piya? Piya runs to her and hugs her, Piya says I came here for Ansh and Ruby’s engagement, there is something fishy here, Guru Maa says thats why I am here. Vedsheree says Guru Maa pious girl is Ruby, meet her. Guru Maa says no Piya is the girl who has devi’s mark and is pious, you have been searching for her. Ansh comes there and is stunned. Piya asks Guru Maa what are you saying? what is pious girl? Vedsheree says she doesnt even know meaning of that. Guru Maa says there is only girl who is pious and if someone else is claiming it then they are lying. Ruby’s fake parent says that we wont bear this insult, we are leaving. Avi says no, this Piya and Guru Maa are lying, they are putting false blames on Ruby because Piya wants to marry Ansh for money. Guru Maa says enough, you shouldnt be blind, I am here to tell you that Piya is a pious girl and if someone else is claiming then they are lying, we dont have to be here, you people need Piya, not her. Chitali says to Vedsheree that if Guru Maa knows so much about witches then she wouldnt lie? Guru Maa says lets leave. She starts leaving with Piya, all look on. Vedsheree says stop Piya.

Vedsheree says to Guru Maa that I saw mark on Ruby’s shoulder. Guru Maa says I am sure Piya have mark on her shoulder. Vedsheeree asys lets check on both. Chitali checks on Ruby’s shoulder and finds devi’s mark, she tells all. She checks Piya’s shoulder and is shocked to see that she has mark too. She tells to family, all are stunned.

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