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The Evil Eye 19 June 2021: The Evil Eye update Saturday 19th June 2021 Piya says what do you want to say? Angad turns back and says I was driving my car and it broke down. It was a dark road. No one was there. Suddenly I saw something shining in the moonlight. It was a horn. It was shining. I picked it and it showed itself to my forehead. then weird things started. I am not in my control after the moon comes out. I lose control.

Savi says I hope Angad doesn’t create a problem in Ansh’s absent. Nishant says he can’t do anything without moon and there’s some time left. Naman says but Ansh went to the moon already. Nishant says I hope Ansh finds out the connection. Dilruba reads the forecast in the newspaper. She says the lower would go on a romantic date with his girl. Naman will we go on a date? Savi says are you out of your mind? We are doing an important discussion. What is it? She says this is witch newspaper. Tonight moon is strong. Nishant says it can be dangerous.

Piya says you kill all black powers. I can’t trust you. He says when I become Singha I have no control over myself. I don’t remember anything. Piya says we all saw you attacking Mohana. On one hand you want to marry her and on the other, you tried killing her. He says I really love her. Piya says if you loved her, you would have told her the truth. He says I can’t hurt her. She is my love and need. Piya says need? He says yes, only Mohana can get me out of this Singha curse.

Nishant tries to read a newspaper. Piya says how can Mohana help you? He says the night I turned into Singha, it was a Ponehmah night. If a Singha married an aikain on a ponehmah night, he gets the curse removed from him. And someone else becomes Singha. Anyone who touches the horn in the moonlight. Piya says in heart oh God Ansh has the horn and he is near the moon.

Nishant says oh God, what did I do. This won’t be good for Ansh. He is near the moon. The horn shoves itself towards Ansh’s head. Piya says Ansh.. Angad says what happened? She says Ansh is in trouble. Dilruba sends her bats. she says I hope they stop the moonlight from getting to Ansh.

Nishant calls Piya and says Dilruba sent bats to cover the moon and stop moonlight from getting to Ansh. Be careful. Angad says where is Ansh? Piya says he took your horn to the moonlight. I have to go to him. Angad says only I can stop Ansh from becoming Singha. The horn he has is mine. If he becomes Singha, he can get rid of the curse if I do. For that I will have to marry Mohana. If I don’t stay Singha, Ansh won’t be either. By the time you get there Ansh would already become Singha. Get me married to Ansh and save Ansh.

Nishant tries to contact Ansh. He says nothing is working out.
Piya comes downstairs with Ansh. Mohana says this mandap? Piya says we shouldn’t waste time. Chetali says but not rituals are done. Ved says why so hasty? Ansh isn’t here either. Piya says Ansh would come. Angad asked Piya not to tell anyone. He said if Mohana gets to know I hid all this she would be hurt. She won’t understand I truly love her. I really do. Please don’t tell anyone. Piya says Singha is still a danger. So let’s get the marriage done. Ved says I am sure Piya has decided this for a reason. Angad says this is my decision too. I am sorry Moh I am being hasty. You didn’t get to enjoy the rituals. Moh says only you’re important to me. Angad asked Piya not to let moonlight come to him. He said I have to marry Moh as Angad not Singha.

Scene 2
Naman says to Dilruba I have to go to Ansh. He is in trouble because of us. Dilruba says I will come too. He says no you stay with Savi and Nishant. Naman leaves.
Everyone wonders why is Piya doing this. Piya says to Angad I have no other option but to trust you. Angad says once Moh and I are married Ansh and I would get rid of the curse. Just make sure moonlight doesn’t come to me.

Mohana comes downstairs as the bride. Angad comes as well. Piya says I hope Ansh is safe. The bats come back to Dilruba. Savi says what are they saying? Dilruba says what.. Ansh is in trouble.. I have to go to him. She runs.

Angad holds Moh’s hand. He says we will do the engagement. He gives her the ring. Mohana makes him wear the ring. Ved asks Piya are you worried? She says no ma. Ved says I am your mom. Piya says no I am fine. There’s nothing. Ved says why are you rushing this wedding? Piya says it’s good for all of us.

Dilruba looks for Ansh. She sees Ansh on the ground. She says where is Naman? She says Ansh open your eyes. Pandit starts mantras. Chetali says to Moh wear headphones or you will scream.

Savi comes to Patmayan and says who is Singha? Nishant says who is singha? She says no one knows where Singha came from. He is a danger to black powers but humans arent safe from him either. Moonlight gives him so much power that he can bring another Singha to life. Whoever touches his horn on Ponehma also becomes Singha. Nishant asks how can we end his curse? Patmayan says you can’t. It’s too late. Tonight he will attack a witch. Savi says Moh.. Patmayan says yes he will kill Mohana and become the strongest. Nishant says Moh and everyone there is in danger.

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