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The Evil Eye 22 May 2021: The Evil Eye update Saturday 22nd May 2021 The family gets ready for the fight. Ansh says Parthmayan didn’t come till now? Vedsheree feels her and says she is here. Piya says we are ready to fight her. They all come out of the house as it starts shaking. Parthmayan says Vedsheree left her mother and went to Devi Maa but today I will make you all lose and you will come on my side. Vedsheree says you should have thought good for me but you didn’t. She says that I have raised Ansh and he was raised good that’s why whole family is with him.

Mohana tells Parthmayan that you don’t need Vedsheree, I am with you. Parthmayan says you are useless, I don’t need anyone to fight them. She tells Ansh that I am here to take Vedsheree from here, you people can’t fight me. She tells Vedsheree that if she doesn’t listen to her then she will kill her family. Vedsheree gets worried and moves towards Parthmayan, she says my decision is still the same, I am on Devi Maa’s side only. All family members point arrows at Parthmayan. Parthmayan asks Pari to move forward and fight them, I want to say how they face you.

Dilruba and Guru Maa are in the house. Naman moves towards them and says nobody can save you both. Guru Maa slaps him hard.

Mohana pushes Pari away and says this time I will fight and I will bring Vedsheree to you. She hits Shekhar and he falls down.

Naman becomes fine and says what are we doing here? Dilruba says you became fine? Guru Maa says let’s go.

Mohana beats others. Ansh and the family tries to attack her with arrows but she spits fire and says I have powers of Bhasmika now. Adi comes forward and says I trusted you and became your friend Mohana. Parthmayan says I am enough for you all. She attacks them, they try to hit her with weapons but she burns them. She says Ram Setubaan is useless.

Piya says Devi Maa will protect us, I have hidden all the things you need for Devi’s pooja, you can’t do anything now. Piya gives Adi a telepathic message.

Piya telepathically tells Adi to go and bring the items they need. Adi tries to leave Pari stops him. Parthmayan says Vedsheree if you don’t listen to me then I will finish your family. She grabs the family with her braid. Vedsheree cries and says I am ashamed that you are my mother.
Adi dodges Pari and takes the shank from mandir.

Pari stops him and says I won’t let you go from here. He goes on the balcony. Pari says give me the shank but Adi throws it from the balcony and asks Piya to take it but Pari gets the shank with her braid and goes to Parthmaya, all look on. Parthmayan says she is with us, she asks for the shank. Piya says this is not a common shank, it has God’s powers. Ansh asks Pari to give shank to them. Pari is about to give shank to Mohana but Piya prays to Devi to give Pari strength to get over her spell. Devi blesses Pari and she suddenly plays the shank. All are shocked. Parthmayan screams and asks her to stop it.

Pari keeps playing it to irritate Mohana and Parthmayan. All family members stand behind her. Piya and Ansh take their positions. Ansh lifts Piya in the air and says now you are not saved Parthmayan. Vedsheree says they are my kids and now you have to face them. Piya hits Parthmayan with an arrow and she starts burning. Vedsheree says I told you to take a path of the good but you didn’t listen and left me. Parthmayan says this is not the end, you have betrayed me again. She burns completely. Nishant says goodness won over evil. Pari runs to him. Parthmayan’s braid stands in the air. Mohana says she thought I was useless but now I will become Parthmayan.

Nishant thinks that if Mohana gets the Parthmayan’s braid then she will get her powers, we have to stop her. Mohana runs to get the braid but Piya runs and takes it. Vedsheree says till when you will keep running behind powers? Can’t you see end of our mother? Mohana says what mother? She never took me as her daughter and always called me useless. It was me who brought her out of that cage where she was dying away but still, she was singing for you. Ansh says still you can’t take her braid. Mohana says I am tired of hearing your nonsense, nobody can stop me.

All family members hold hands to stop her. Mohana asys you can’t stop me as I have powers. Shekhar says we are together and that’s our power. Mohana says I will come soon, she leaves. Piya looks at Parthmayan’s braid and it starts flying away. Nishant says it’s going towards the sky, we can’t kill her braid so we will have to lock it in the cave like Divya did.

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