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The Evil Eye 26 June 2021: The Evil Eye update Saturday 26th June 2021 Everyone runs to Pari. Piya says Pari, open your eyes. Ansh says Pari, please open your eyes. Chetali says Ansh heal her. Vedeshree says there must be something. Piya says papa, please do something she has fainted right? Vedeshree says Nishant ji do something please. Nishant checks her pulse. He says our Pari is no more. Everyone is shocked and crying. Piya hugs Pari. Everyone is crying.

Ansh hugs Pari and Piya. Mohana comes in. Piya recalls what she said. Mohana says I told you, you can’t save Pari. A witch’s revenge is death. This is just the beginning. Piya throttles her. Piya says bring Pari back or I will kill you. Mohana disappears. Ansh says return my daughter. Mohana says she is gone and soon you all will go to her. Piya says we won’t let her go anywhere. Mohana says now you know how it feels when someone close to you leaves you and that too when they’re innocent. Piya says Angad wasn’t innocent. He was black power. You could kill me. Why did you kill my daughter? Mohana says I will soon do that as well. She leaves.

Everyone is crying. They recall their moments with Pari. The song Zindagi yehi reet hai.

After a week. Savi says it’s been a week. There must be some way. Nishant says we should accept now. We can’t bring Pari back. No one can win from death. Savi cries and says no dad.
Piya looks at Pari’s dead body. Ansh comes in as well. They recall Pari playing in the house. Ansh says papa is looking for a way to bring Pari back. Till then this icebox will keep her body stored. I don’t want to give you false hope. There are hardly any chances of Pari coming back. Piya says she will come back when we find a way. We are looking in the wrong direction. Parents can feel what others can’t. Ask your heart, it says that Pari will come back right? Vedeshree looks at her and cries. Ansh says Pari lives in heart, they never go away from us. Vedeshree sits outside and cries.

Avi receives a courier. He asks everyone who ordered it. Piya says I ordered it for Pari. She wanted a color box for long. She will be so happy when she sees all this when she comes back. Everyone looks at Piya. Vedeshree says Ansh, what is Piya doing. Ansh says she thinks Pari would come back.

Ansh is sitting silent. Shekhar asks him how is Piya? Ansh says she is sleeping after so many days. I gave her a sleeping pill. Piya sees Pari coming towards her. Piya says Pari, my daughter. I knew you won’t go anywhere. Piya hugs her.

Mohana takes bath in roses. Mohana recalls she was at Patal lake. She said I have to go out of here. Another witch came Sarb. She said no witch can leave this lake. You have to help me get out of here. She said but you have to do one thing for me. Mohana killed her and crossed the lake on her. She said you fooled me. Mohana says that’s what a witch does. A snake comes there. Mohana gets up scared. She says what was that hiss?

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