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The Evil Eye 29 May 2021: Ansh says to Dev that Piya was right, you are using your Devik powers to separate me and Piya but you can’t do it. Dev attacks him and says you can’t stop me.

Nishant tells Priest that Dev has powers that a Devik doesn’t have.

Piya is searching for Ansh when Dev brings him and he is unconscious. Dev says he was trying to run, he wants to take Piya’s pain away but she is not thinking about him, how can you be selfish Piya? Even I am thinking about Ansh but not you.

Dilruba’s mother meets Naman. Naman shows her Saanvi and says this is your order, if you don’t like her then I can bring another order.

Vedsheree tells Piya that Dev is right, you are hurting Ansh, you love him then how can you do it? Tell me that you will marry Dev? Ansh is dizzy and tries to give a hint to Piya but Dev holds his hand. Piya sadly looks at Ansh and says okay I am ready to marry.

Dilruba asks her mother if she is not happy? The mother says that she is very small but I will eat her. Saanvi says how dare you even look at me, you witch.

Ansh is lying in bed and thinks that I have to tell Dev’s truth to Piya. He murmurs. Piya asks if he is saying something?

Nishant tells the priest that Dev has a lot of powers, we have to do something to make him react.

Dev says to himself that nobody can come in-between me and Piya. He comes to Piya and says we have to marry now to save Ansh. Vedsheree says we don’t have much time.

Dilruba’s mother says I am a powerful chudail, who are you to threaten me? Naman says she is a chudail too, I didn’t find anyone so I brought her.

Piya calls Nishant and says I think Dev is hiding something and he is forcing me to marry him, I think he is misusing his powers. Nishant says you are right but he is very powerful, you have to carry on this drama so we can find some way to control him. He ends the call and tells the priest that we have to find a solution. The priest says that there is no weapon or power that can be used against a Devik. Nishant thinks about it.

Piya sees mandap ready. Pari and Adi come to her. Pari asks how can Dev ask you to marry him? Adi asks her to say no. Piya says I have to do this drama as others are in danger. Pari says we can use our powers. Piya says no we have to think about Ansh and family so don’t do anything till I say so.

Dilruba’s mother asks Saanvi what has she done as chudail? Saanvi laughs like a chudail. Dilruba’s mother asks Saanvi and Naman if they are chudail then why aren’t they flying in the air to greet her?

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