The Evil Eye update Saturday 2 January 2021 On Starlife


The Evil Eye 2 January 2021: The Evil Eye update Saturday 2nd January 2021, Piya says to family that I will marry Naman. Vedsheree says how can you do it when you know Naman attacked Guru Maa? is someone blackmailing you? Mohana glares at Piya. Vedsheree says if someone is blackmailing you then tell us. Guru Maa says Piya you didnt want to marry him then what happened? Naman says let her marry me. Guru Maa asks him to shut up, I wont let Piya be with you, you are not a son but a devil, you tried to kill the person who brought you in this world, its good that I am blind and dont have to look at you, leave from here. Piya asks Guru Maa to stop, she says I have decided to marry Naman and it will happen today. She starts to go to mandap with Naman. She recalls how Mohana asked her to marry Naman to keep her mother safe.

Ansh comes infront of Piya and says you wont marry Naman. She tries to move away from him but he holds her hand and says I told you, you wont marry him. Naman says leave her hand, she is ready. Ansh pushes him away, he falls down, Piya asks Ansh to leave her hand, Ansh says no. She jerks her hand and fire starts between them. Ansh moves back as fire starts approaching him, Vedsheree asks him to move back. Naman whispers that Piya is with me so I dont have to be scared of this davansh. He asks Piya to come to mandap. Piya sees Ansh trying to move towards fire but Mohana and Vedsheree and stops him. Mohana says let her do what she wants. Piya sadly looks at Ansh and sits in mandap with Naman. Ansh starts moving towards her through fire, all are stunned. Dil Se re plays, all try to stop him but he doesnt listen. He stands in fire.. Piya cant bear it anymore, she throws her garland away and runs to Ansh. She walks on fire and runs to him, she hugs him tightly. Piya says why did you put your life in danger? Ansh says you put your life in danger for me too. Piya says you were taking off favor. Naman sees his goon about to attack Ansh with patal liquid, he thinks if I kill Ansh with it then all his powers will vanish.

Goon attacks Ansh with arrow. Avi tries to fight goons but they beat him. Naman runs, he pulls Piya away from Ansh and hits him with patal weapon. All scream. Priest says this weapon can kill Ansh, we have to stop him. Naman says to Ansh that you thought you can win over me? you have to die now. Ansh is getting pale. Vedsheree asks Mohana to do something. Mohana flies in air and goes to Ansh. She glares Naman and punches him. Naman falls down. She grabs arrow that is in Ansh’s stomach and takes it out. Ansh cries in pain. Mohana says nothing will happen to you. Naman’s goon attacks her with patal arrow. Ansh takes it out from her stomach and attacks that goon. Mohana starts beating goons. Ansh and Mohana fight them together. Goons surround them but Ansh and Mohana’s eyes blaze and glare goons.


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