The Evil Eye update Saturday 3 April 2021 On Starlife


The Evil Eye Saturday 3 April 2021 update Ansh hears Trishla saying to someone that now you can comeback as Piya is fine. Nishant and Piya comes to Ansh and asks what happened? Ansh says Trishla is upto something. He sees her gone and comes outside her door. Family asks him to not doubt her. Ansh breaks door and goes in room. They see a statue of water. Ansh asks who is this? Water statue turns into Divya. Divya says its me, Piya’s mother. All are shocked. Nishant says Divya? Piya says its you.. she hugs her. Piya says but Mohana.. killed you.. you are alive.. All look on. Nishant says you are back, he hugs her.

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This is The Evil Eye update Saturday 3 April 2021 Divya cries and says Trishla brought me back, she is behind all this. Trishla says I got to know that if evil powers kills a witch hunter then only blood-life can bring them back so I used my knowledge. Vedsheree thanks her and says to Divya that you saved us way back. Chitali says now you are back, our family is complete. All are happy to see her. Divya says to Ansh that you are not happy? Ansh says I am in shock. Piya says you have to meet someone. She brings Adi. Divya goes to him but he becomes of stone. All are shocked. Vedsheree takes him. Piya says he is just scared, Divya says I will meet him later.

Vedsheree prepares for pooja.
Trishla says to Divya that my work is done, you are back, I will leave, I dont have time, you know tonight is a big night, she gives her something in red cloth. Vedsheree comes there so Divya hides it. Vedsheree says lets do aarti. Trishla says I have to go back to my world, this is not my world. Vedsheree says okay but please do aarti with us. Trishla and Divya looks on.

Family starts aarti together. Trishla and Divya looks on. Divya brings red sack out and goes to balcony. She sees sword in sky and is about to open her sack but tree wraps around her.

Ansh thinks something is wrong. Nishant gets Saanvi’s call who says that all pages of witch hunter book are empty. Nishant tells Piya and says tonight is evil nigh.

Ansh comes to room. Piya comes there and asks where is Divya? Ansh says she left aarti and.. Piya says you are doubting her? Dont worry. Ansh says I feel weird, like something bad is happening. Piya says dont worry, mother is with us. Ansh says Adi became of stone seeing her. Piya says he was just scared to see a new face, dont worry.


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