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The Evil Eye 13 December 2020: The Evil Eye Sunday 13th December 2020, Guru Maa says to Ansh that one day you will come to Piya yourself but you will be late, very late. Piya cries and leaves with Guru Maa. She recalls his harsh words for her mother, she glares at him and leaves.
Outside Ansh’s house, Sushant and Saanvi looks at black clouds around their building. He says it means some evil eye has been cast on Rathores.

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Vedsheree sees winds blowing and suddenly diya blows off in mandir, she is stunned. Avi says dont worry, Ansh will marry after one day. Vedsheree says no, I cant wait till day after tomorrow, this marriage will happen tomorrow.
Mohana says that tomorrow Ansh and Ruby will marry and I will be freed from this room forever and I will get all powers back.

In morning, whole house is decorated for wedding. Vedsheree gives aarti to everyone. She asks Ansh to take it. He is tensed and leaves from there. Vedsheree is stunned. Chitali says what happened to him? Vedsheree goes behind him and says how can you leave pooja? Ansh says I am tired, I need rest. Vedsheree says okay take rest, she leaves. Ansh says what is happening with me? why cant I control myself?

Vedsheree says to family that if everything is fine then why Ansh is not happy?

Ansh looks at Piya’s locket and thinks why I feel I am doing wrong?
Mohana says that Ansh have half blood of human so he cant understand what is happening but soon he will come to his real witch mother.
Ansh is about to wear Piya’s locket but he gets possessed and throws it away.

Vedsheree comes to mandap and is shocked to see it destroyed and messed. Chitali says if Vedik girl is here then how is all this happening? Priest asks Vedsheree to calm down and make groom and bride ready. He thinks why all this is happening?

Ruby gets ready for wedding. She says to Ansh to get ready, he says just a few minutes. She orders to him get ready, Ansh nods and leaves. Neha, Kajal and Rishi sees it. Neha says she is ordering him even before wedding, Kajal says he doesnt look happy wit this wedding, Rishi says he might love Piya?

Rishi is getting married, Neha says you are doing this wedding for Maa but if you not happy then tell Maa. Rishi says I will tell truth to Maa. Ansh gets possessed and grabs Rishi, he strangles him and says dont involve in my matter. Neha and Kajal tries to stop him. Ruby smirks seeing it. Priest sees it and thinks why this devik is smirking when Ansh is like this?

Ansh and Ruby comes in mandap as bride and groom. Ruby glares at her fake parents. Fake father says to start ceremony, they all wait for Vedsheree.

Priest asks Vedsheree to stop the wedding. Vedsheree says you asked us to get him married. Priest says I asked you to get him married to devik but Ruby is not real devik. Vedsheree says why all are saying that? Priest says just give me sometime to find out truth, Ruby have devi’s mark on her shoulder but we have to find if mark is real or not. Vedsheree says they are ready for Varmala ceremony. Priest says I have an idea. Vedsheree recalls how Guru Maa warned too.

Ansh and Ruby are about to exchange garlands but Vedsheree comes there and says Priest asked to do one more ritual before this ceremony, Avi says we can do it after varmala. Ansh is about to take varmala but Vedsheree stops him.

All sit down for another ritual. Ruby is in sleeveless dress. They sit in tub. Priest says we have to clean bride and groom before varmala. Ruby thinks why they are doing all this? do they doubt me? Milk is poured on Ansh and Ruby. Ruby tries to control herself. Priest thinks now we will know if Ruby is real devik or not.

Piya says to Guru Maa what is devik? Guru Maa says I will tell you later, I have to go for now. She points to Mohana’s room in mandir and says dont go towards that room, Piya says why? Guru Maa says you will know on time. She leaves. Mohana looks at Piya from room and devik is here.

Sushant calls Piya and says I gave you one task to keep an eye on Ansh and you went to your village? you know Ansh’s family is in danger. Piya says I tried to warn his family but they dont want to listen that Ruby is not a good girl. Sushant says you cant runaway from problems, you have to face them, come back here. Piya says I am sorry but I cant, she ends call. Sushant tells Saanvi that Piya is not coming, why did she say that Ruby is not a nice girl?

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