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The Evil Eye 20 June 2021: The Evil Eye update Sunday 20th June 2021 Chetali goes to bring stuff. She drops candles and it burns the curtain. Dilruba says Ansh open your eyes. Ansh recalls the horn was getting on his head but the bats stoped the moonlight. Ansh says Dilruba you here? Where is Singha. He takes the horn. Dilrua says yo have to go home.

Piya sees curtain burning. She stops it but the moonlight comes to Angad. He stops. His horn comes out. Everyone is dazed. Avi says Ansh was right, Ansh is Singha. Mohana says Angad.. He walks towards Mohana and shoves. Piya says this is a curse, he isn’t himself when moonlight comes to him.

Nishant calls Chetali. He says where is Mohana? Chetali sees Mohana and screams. She says she is in the air. Piya says Angad, leave Mohana. He says I am Singha, not Angad. Piya says no this is a curse. You’re Angad not Singha. This is Mohana, your love. Only 7th round is left. You will get rid of this curse. You will get your love. Singha says I don’t love anyone. I will kill Mohana and become the most powerful. Mohana says Piya did you know? Piya says I will explain. Angad shoves Piya. Piya says we have to draw curtains. Angad shoves Mohana.

Chetali comes with an arrow. She says we can stop Singha with this, Nishant told me. They all throw arrows to him. Angad defends himself. He throws his horn. It injures Avi and Shekhar. Piya shoves him. She says get aside. They hide. Singha says to Mohana it’s your time to die. Mohana says it’s me, your Mohana. You can’t do this. Singha says I don’t love anyone. The moonlight goes. Angad becomes himself. Mohana is crying. Angad says Mohana, I am so sorry. I should have told you. Piya shouts and says let’s complete the 7th round. Hurry up. Mohana says let’s do it, you will get rid of this curse. Moonlight comes back and he turns into Singha again. Singha says no one can save you now, witch.

Ansh says you won’t live Singha. Singha says no one can kill me. Ansh punches him. Singha stops him. Ansh shoves him. He throws his wings to stop moonlight. Singha becomes Angad. Ansh doesn’t see and stabs him with a horn. Mohana screams no Ansh. Angad is stopped. Chetali faints. Mohana screams Angad’s name. Angad falls down. Mohana says no, you can’t leave me alone. you said you will always be by my side. Angad says I am sorry Mohana. I should have told you. I have to go now. He dies. Mohana screams.

Everyone comes. Mohana is crying. Piya says Mohana, we didn’t want to do this. Mohana says you both killed my Angad. Mohana says after so many years I had love and you killed him Ansh. Ansh says I killed Angad not Singha. She says you killed Angad who wanted to marry me and get rid of this curse. He would be mine. Piya says he was going to kill everyone. Ansh did this to save you. Mohana says he killed Angad to save his family. Ansh says I did what was right. Singha couldn’t be killed so I had to kill Angad. He would kill you and become Singha forever. Mohana says I was going to marry him. Ansh says he was going to kill you.

Mohana says who gave you right to kill Angad? If Piya didn’t come to your life you would be like Singha too. How can you steal the same chance for me? This was my chance at life like you did. I was understanding the meaning of happiness and family. There was only one round left but you took everything from me. You took my love from me. You killed your mom’s happiness. Is this how you’re a good human? Vedeshree says Singha wasn’t innocent. Mohana says but Angad was. She breaks the ground in anger. Mohana says a witch doesn’t keep her debts. I will return it to you with interest.

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