The Evil Eye update Sunday 3 January 2021 On Starlife


The Evil Eye 3 January 2021: The Evil Eye Sunday 3rd January 2021, Vedsheree asks Ansh to not listen to Mohana. Mohana says to Ansh that only blood relation matter to witch which I have with you. Ansh says it means I am not human? Vedsheree says you are human, you have Mitul’s blood too thats why you understand relations, witch is of no one, she killed Mitul and will kill her kids too, listen to me, you are part of this family. Mohana says I am a witch but I never sacrificed my own blood people. Chitali says what? Mohana says did she hide truth? I am not only Vedsheree’s sister, I have blood relation with her. Chitali says what relation? Mohana says me and Vedsheree are sisters. All are stunned. Avi says what rubbish. Mohana says I know you wouldnt believe me so I will prove it. She touches her braid with Vedsheree and its gets joined and tangled together, all are shocked.

Shekhar says what are you doing? Mohana says witch’s braid can combine with other only if she has blood relation with her, I will show more proof. She cuts her hand and Vedsheree’s hand gets cut too, Mohana pains herself and Vedsheree feels it too. Mohana says our mother is same, I was my mother’s first daughter so I got her all powers and Vedsheree remained as a human, she tried to kill her own sister. Shekhar says you have proven enough, stop it. Mohana wipes her bruises. Ansh recalls how he could do it too. Mohana removes her braid from Vedsheree. Mohana says to Ansh that I was waiting for right time to tell you all this, this is not our world, our objective in life is different, now you know everything so come with me. Vedseree says he wont go anywhere, he is my son. She says to Ansh that I wanted to keep you away from witch thats why we didnt tell you. Shekhar asks Ansh what he is thinking? Vedsheree gave up her life for you, she didnt have her kids to raise you, she burned her sister for you, she did everything for you. Mohana says she burned me so she could be my kids’ mother, she made me cry in life for my kids. Ansh says enough.. I am confused, I dont know who is my mother, I dont know who is right and who is wrong, leave me alone. Vedsheree says listen to your heart.. Ansh says please and removes her hand from him. He leaves from there, all are stunned and cry.

The Evil Eye 3 January 2021 star life: Ansh comes to his room and recalls the revelations he got to know about, truth about Mohana and Vedsheree. He angrily starts breaking things. Vedsheree comes there and sees mess. She calls out to him. He emotionally looks at her. Vedsheree says I know truth hurts thats why I kept you safe from it, Anshh says leave me alone. Vedsheree tries to move towards him and steps on glass, she screams. Ansh turns to her and feels her pain.. he runs to her and takes out glass from her feet. She cries. Ansh bandages her feet and asks if it hurts? Vedsheree says if I ask for anything, will you give it? Ansh says you can ask my life. Vedsheree says I just want forgiveness, please forgive me. Ansh stops her and hugs her. She cries.

Ruby says to Mohana that Ansh wont let me stay in this house now, your plan will flop, Ansh will marry Piya then what you will do? Mohana says there is eclipse night in somedays and he will become davansh then, I have to keep Piya away from him till then, I have a plan.

Vedsheree says to family that Mohana can plot something. Chitali moves away from her and says you are her sister? Vedsheree says you are scared of me? I am your Vedsheree, you people used to love me and now you are scared?

Vedsheree says to Chitali that I didnt tell you but I told Shekhar from start about Mohana being my sister, Avi says then why didnt you tell us? Vedsheree says you people would never believe me, I never took her side and you are now doubting me?

Ruby says to Mohana that Vedsheree have broken their trust and now they will not believe her so it will be easier to break them.
Chitali says sorry to Vedsheree and says we got scared for a minute but we can never doubt you, she hugs her. Avi says to Vedsheree that you are like our mother and you can never hurt us, we are sorry if we hurt you. Vedsheree says no dont say sorry, we have to be together to fight this witch. Chitali says that witch can never separate us. They all hug each other.

Mohana says to Ruby that its not easier to break family, I know my sister, I am sure they are plotting against us.

The Evil Eye 3 January 2021: Vedsheree says to family that she will use her powers on Ansh, we have to stop her before she makes Ansh like her on eclipse, we have only one way.. to make Ansh marry Piya. Chitali says Ansh is married to Ruby. Vedsheree says I dont accept that marriage, nobody remembers that wedding, there is no witness for that marriage. Chitali says Mohana will not let Piya marry Ansh. Vedsheree says Mohana could not make Naman marry Piya, I am sure God will make Ansh marry Piya.

Mohana says to Ruby that I will not let Piya marry Ansh.

Kajal says to Ansh that Vedsheree hid a lot of things from us. Ansh says but her love is not a lie. Kajal says what about our real mother who remained away from us?

Piya says to herself that Mohana has caged her mother in a parrot, I would need papa’s help to free her. She calls Sushant and sees it on message.. she says I am your.. your.. Saanvi has taken call. Piya says on call that I am your daughter.. she cries but Saanvi doesnt hear it as Piya has cut call. Piya says I have to find mother, she must be in her room.

Rishi says to Ansh that I always doubted Ruby, I dont understand when Guru Maa told that Naman tried to kill her then why did Piya agree to marry Naman? after that? Ansh says there must be some reason and I will find out.

Piya is searching Mohana’s room for her mother.
Mohana says to Ruby that Piya come to my room to find her mother so I have created a trap for her.
An evil liquid is following Piya in Mohana’s room. Piya doesnt see it. Ansh is searching for Piya and hears her earring’s noise. Evil water is falling on floor towards Piya, its about to touch her but she moves away. Piya sees sees liquid in tub in Mohana’s room and is stunned. She is about to touch it but falls inside and starts drowning in water, she tries to get up but its a trap and cant get out. Ansh feels something and runs. Piya is drowning. Ansh enters Mohana’s room and looks around. He sees Piya drowning and runs to her. He lifts her out of tub.

Saanvi sees Sushant injured after coming out of evil room, she asks if he is fine? he says dont come here and asks her to leave, se leaves. Sushant brings out a rod from kalash and sees another rod on floor which is moving.


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