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The Evil Eye 30 May 2021: The priest tells Piya that Dev is very powerful, we have to get some time. Vedsheree comes there and says we have to start the wedding function.

Piya sees Ruchi and her mother coming to their house and says I have to stop them, they can’t know that Dev is marrying me. She stops them from coming inside and goes in the lift but doesn’t find them there. Dev says come, it’s already late. He takes her from there. Dev has made Ruchi and her mother unconscious.

The priest starts havan and starts a fire in the mandap. Vedsheree says we have to stop this fire. Dev and Piya come there. Vedsheree says we don’t know how the fire started but we will not let this marriage be stopped. They stop the fire and their pheras start.

Nishant brings a cupboard and is trying to enter Piya’s house but there is a protective wall.

Piya asks Vedsheree about Pari and Adi? The flashback shows how the family asked them to stay in the room and how Dev locked them with his powers.

Nishant says some power is stopping me from going inside. Dev doesn’t want me to go inside.

Dev tells Piya that you have to marry me to save Ansh. Piya says I want to tell Ansh that I am going away from him. Dev says I understand your emotions but we have to marry first as we have started rituals.

Dilruba’s mother asks Naman and Saanvi to fly in the air and greet her.
Piya comes to Ansh’s room and says I am sorry for leaving you. She sees his hand moving and says where is his phone? She looks around.

Dilruba’s mother tells Naman and Saanvi that if they lied to her then she won’t spare them. She attacks Saanvi. Dilruba says she ate a big man that’s why she can’t fly.

Piya is gone from the house. The family looks around for her and says where did she go without marrying him?

Piya comes to the balcony and says I have to find Ansh’s phone. She uses her powers to make a plank and get his phone from the edge. She leaves from there.

Dilruba tries to calm her mother. Saanvi says I won’t spare her, she attacks her but Dilruba comes in front and gets stabbed.

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