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The Evil Eye 4 July 2021: The Evil Eye update Sunday 4th July 2021 Ansh says how did ma fall? Chetali says she was fixing the fuse. Ansh says what if someone shoved her? Piya says if I were there I could save her. Ansh says don’t blame yourself. She says thank God you got our powers back. I could fight that criminal. I don’t know where did he go. Ma also called me but she fainted again. Avi says Piya tied that criminal but he was lost as well.

Officers come and say to Avi that criminal is hiding in your house. He can’t hide from us. We can in CCTV he was coming to your place. I have searched about your family. Can we search in your house? Mohana smiles. He sees the footsteps. Ansh says why don’t we tell them? Avi says we can’ tell CBI that Piya attacked him. Ansh says that was self-defense. Avi says but they can’t understand her powers. They will think we are trying to hide the truth. Avi says we have to play along. We can’t tell them everything.

The CBI officer comes to Vedeshree’s room. He asks whose room is that? Who is that woman? Shekhar says she is my wife. He says what happened to her? Piya says she fell from the stool yesterday. He says the criminal came here and your mom met an accident at the same time? Mohana says now police doubts them. It would be fun.

Naman says to Nishant I got so scared. How would I answer her mom if I ever lose her? I will never keep my eyes off her. Naman says where did she go? Dufli. He says see sir jeee this is what she does. Dufli is laughing. She is above a car downstairs. Naman shouts. The man drives his cars. He runs downstairs and takes Dufli.

The officer says his footsteps went to the terrace and then he went somewhere. Avi says he might have fled from the terrace. We didn’t see. We only know as much as you do. The officer says this case is twisted. The officer looks around. The criminal’s body falls from the room. Ansh holds it and hides it.

Naman says Dufli if anything happens to you I won’t be able to live. Nishant says parents are always worried. Naman says she is trying to show us something by hiding. Savi says she is doing it for a reason.

Piya says it’s the same criminal. Ansh says we should give police his body. We should help them. Avi says how will we explain his death in our house? Chetali says it looks like a witch ate his life. Shekhar says but Mohana isn’t in our lives. How can this happen? Avi says I know how to handle CBI. The officer comes back and says let me take a selfie. They hide the body. He takes a selfie. He says I had to stay here for investigation and your safety. Where is the guestroom? Ansh stops his hand and says let me show you the guestroom. Ansh says in heart I have to hide the body. Piya hides the body. Ansh takes the office with him.

Shekhar says what will we do now? Avi says we have to hide this body.
Savi says she saw the nursery’s photo and went there. Then she saw this car photo and went here. Naman says what are you saying? Savi says when she sees photos she can go there. Nishant says this could be a kid’s curiosity but Dufli has powers. Naman says she has powers? Savi says we have to test.

Ansh tries to open the door. He says to the officer sorry it isn’t opening. He breaks the door. The officer is shocked. Ansh says it was already broken.
Shekhar says to Piya you have to be careful with your powers. Piya says I felt like my powers weren’t in my control. Ansh says Patmayan told me our powers won’t be in our control for a few days. Avi says there’s a dead body, witch and an office in this house. We’re badly trapped.

Mohana looks at the officer and says it’s great that you’re here. She comes to him as Pari. He says I am Abhay. Pari says I am Pari. I always say the truth. He says so if I ask you anything you will tell me truth? Pari nods.
Avi says we have to get this body out of this building. Avi says but there are CCTVs. How will take it out. Ansh says we can disappear it as we did to Pari.

Abhay asks Pari did you see anything? She says I saw that criminal running out of the house. He was hanging in the window. Abhay says can you take me to the window? She says yes. He says thank you, you’re a good kid.
Ansh makes the body disappear. Chetali says we don’t have to worry. Piya says are we right? We are also saving the person who killed him? Avi says the law doesn’t believe in witches. They will blame us. Ansh says you’re right. We have to find the criminal first. Avi says we have to take this body away from this house. Chetali says what if it’s Mohana? Shekhr says no she is locked. Chetali says what if she fled?

Scene 2
Savi shows Dufli picture of the lamp. She sees it and comes to the room where the lamp is. Nishant comes there. Naman says my Dufli can do magic. What if she leaves me one day if she doesn’t like me? Nishant says you’re a great dad. Savi says mine is greater.

Pari says I heard the criminal shouting from here. Mama asked me to go to my room. She locked the door. She does it all the time. When dadi mama fell, mama was there and asked me to go to my room as well. She was there. Pari says mama and dadi like each other. They argue. And mama asks me to go to my room. Weird things happen in this house all the time. Piya comes and says Pari, please go to your room. What are you doing here? She says I have to change ma’s bandage too. Abhay looks at the nail scars on Vedeshree’s hands and says there’s something they’re hiding.

Piya asks pari what was that uncle asking you? She says just my age, school. Piya says don’t use your powers in front of him. Piya says to Ansh that criminal was killed by Mohana. We have to go and check if Mohna is still locked there. Ansh says our powers are not in our control. How will we see if Mohana is there or not.

Piya calls Nishant and says I want to know if Mohana is there or not. He says I can’t go there tonight I can go by the morning. It’s too far. He looks at Dufli and says I think it’s possible.

Scene 3
The liquid effect reduces and the body is visible again. Abhay is coming there. Piya and Ansh hide the body. Abhay comes to the place where Vedeshree fell from. Piya says what is he doing there.

Nishant places Dufli and a camera in front of that place’s photo. Naman says this is child labor. You’re sending my daughter to that witch? Savi says we have to check if Mohana is there. Guru ma isn’t here either. Naman says you can go there. Nishant says we locked it. We can’t open the door. Savi says Dufli won’t go there. Savi says on her bracelet we have tied a photo of this house and she will come back. Nishant says I am also a father, I know why are you worried?

Abhay asks Nishant where you two going? Ansh says for a walk. Abhay says with car keys? Ansh says we plan on going to movies from. Piya says in heart if he comes forward he will know there’s something here. Abhay says okay go. Ansh and Piya are there. The body isn’t visible. Chetali comes. Avi trips over the body. Abhay says what happened to you? Chetali says he just slipped. Abhay is coming where the body is. She stands there. Everyone is scared. Ansh moves the body.

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