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The Evil Eye 17 December 2020: The Evil Eye Thursday 17th December 2020, All family members are hanging in air. Vedsheree gives garland to Ruby, Ruby makes Ansh wear it. Ansh is under her spell and makes her wear garland too. Ruby’s garland turns black. Vedsheree does their gadh bandhan. Mohana says this bandhan will free me, those hands who took my freedom is working on my freedom today. Ruby lights fire in havan, Vedsheree chants mantras, Ansh and Ruby takes pheras. Their pheras complete. Vedsheree gives sindoor to Ansh. He fills her forehead with sindoor. Protective walls around Mohana are getting less and less. A ganga jal jar falls on ground and water spills. Vedsheree gives sindoor to Ansh, he makes Ruby wear it, their marriage is complete. All protective walls around Mohana breaks and she is free. She says Vedsheree captured me 18 years back and freed me today, I am free now, she leaves her cage room.

In mandap, Vedsheree is going to bless Ruby and Ansh but she puts foot on ganga jal water. Her witch spell breaks and is stunned. Ruby thinks that seh has put feet in ganga jal and witch spell has ended. Vedsheree looks around and sees family smiling. Vedsheree recalls what she did, how she made whole family faint and hang in air, she thinks that they think wedding went normally, I made my Ansh marry a witch, all family members were in witch spell. She is in tears and looks at her smiling family. Ruby smirks. Vedsheree recalls how she made Ansh marry with her hands, she cries. Ruby says why are you crying mother in law? Vedsheree recalls how she got to know Ruby is a witch. Ruby and Ansh moves to take blessing from Vedsheree but se moves away and weeps. Ruby says you wont bless us? Vedsheree thinks that I made my son marry a witch?
Mohana says Ansh is my son, he will be my son now, I am coming back. Mohana comes of her room, she is about to leave but Guru Maa stops her and says I wont let you go till I am alive. Mohana says you will stop me? I will kill you. Piya comes there and says I will stop you, she glares at Mohana.

In morning, Vedsheree wakes up. Ruby says I am glad you are awake, take water mother in law. Vedsheree says you are not my daughter in law. Ruby says you made me marry Ansh and I am his wife. Vedsheree says witch cant be my daughter in law, I will tell truth to Ansh. Ruby says Ansh is not in his room, look at Balcony. Vedsheree sees Ansh standing on edge of blacony in daze. She runs to him and screams.

Mohana asks Piya how she will stop her? Piya takes her dagger and moves towards her. Mohana grabs her with her hair and says you cant even reach me. Guru Maa asks her to come back, dont raise hand on Piya. Mohan says this girl is precious to you? She grabs Piya’s neck with her hair and raises her in air, Piya cries. Guru Maa says dont touch her, Mohana says you cant do anything, you will cry like I cried for 18 years, I cries to meet my family for 18 years and now you will cry for this Piya.

Vedsheree sees Ansh standing on balcony ledge and shouts for him to move back.

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