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The Evil Eye 17 June 2021: Mohana sees someone with a horn. She is scared. Mohana says whos there. It’s Singha. He throws the horn towards Mohana. Mohana hits him with braid but he defends himself. Savi calls Mohana. She says Singha’s next target is Mohana. You have to go and warn her. Piya says Ansh and I checked, there’s no one in the house. Savi says Mohana’s life is in danger. Please be careful. Ansh sees Singha’s feet. He says Piya look there. Piya says this is Mohana. Ansh says her life is in danger. Singha shoves Mohana. She falls down. Everyone looks for Mohana.

Ansh and Piya tell everyone Mohana’s life is in danger. They run to Mohana’s room. She is injured. Angad says who did this to you? Mohana says it was someone with a horn. He was more powerful than me. Vedeshree says who could be more powerful than a witch? Piya says it’s Singha. He is the enemy of all black powers. Mohana says but I don’t know him.

Angad says why does he want to kill you? Piya says he is an enemy of all black powers. He killed all-black powers in papa’s house. He doesn’t need a reason to kill anyone. Chetali says what. Piya says why is he doing it? What’s his agenda? Shekhar says all doors are closed. Piya says that means we have to find him. He is in the house. Ansh we have to look for him. Ansh says we don’t need to find him, he is here. He looks at Angad.

Mohana says Ansh are you out of your mind? Angad loves me. You can’t accuse him. Chetali says this isn’t right to doubt him. Vedeshree says they’re right. He is a guest here. Avi says Angad is a normal human like us. Ansh says he might be fooling us and pretending to love Mohana? Shekhar says it can be someone else too. Piya says how can you be so sure? Ansh says he is the only one new in this house. No one came in and no one went out. Mohana says that doesn’t mean Angad is Singa. Ansh says black powers come here not as guests. Chetali says yes. Ansh says he is one of them. You also came here as a drama.

Piya says Ansh, don’t be hasty. We can deduce. We don’t even know what Singha looks like. Ansh says I am sure it was him. Angad says Ansh, what should I do that would remove your doubt? Mohana says you don’t need to do anything. I know you can never harm me. Angad says it’s not about you only. It’s about the whole family. I would want to clear Ansh’s doubt. Mohana says you’ve to suffer because of me. Ansh says Piya ask papa what’s Singha’s identification? Piya says Singha’s feet are like animals. Ansh says take off your shoes Angad. Angad takes off his shoes. His feet are normal. Mohana says happy now? She says I am sorry Angad on Ansh’s behalf. Angad says I understand his concern. He leaves.

Mohana says to Ansh I know why are you doing this. You can’t see me happy. Angad’s love has changed me. You must be thinking there must be a reason behind him marrying a witch. But we love each other. We want to be with each other. You have no reason to doubt him. Ansh says he came here tonight and you got attacked. Mohana says Singha must have come and left. Angad has shown you his feet too. Vedeshree says Ansh, stop it. Mohana leaves. She says tomorrow is my engagement with Angad, don’t do any drama. Shekhar says when was that decided? Mohana says right now. We will get engaged tomorrow. I don’t care. Piya says you are in danger. Mohana says I won’t let Angad come in my way of happiness. I hope you will understand me Piya. I have no hope of Ansh.

Scene 2
Savi looks at Singha’s horn. It glares. She says moonlight is making it glow? That means it has something to do with the moon.

Ansh is fitting net everywhere. Piya wakes up with noise. She hugs him. He says sorry the noise ruined your sleep. Piya says why are you making the whole house a cage? I am already trapped in your love. Who do you want to trap now? Ansh says Singha. Now, if he comes in we will know. He says I have no sealed the main door. If he comes from there we will know. I also want to see if no one comes in, and still, Mohana is attacked that would mean Singha is inside. Piya says so you can say Angad is Singha? Ansh says I only want to clear my doubt. I might be wrong but I want to be careful. There’s nothing wrong with that. That Singha can attack us too. We have to find about him. Piya says we are looking in the wrong direction. I don’t think Angad is Singha. Ansh says what if he is?

Savi tells Nishant. He says are you sure the horn was glowing because of moonlight? Savi says yes I double-checked. It was glowing under moonlight. It has something to do with the moon. Naman says all black powers have something to do with the moon. Savi says Singha is an enemy of black powers he isn’t a black power himself. Naman says when I was devawanshi they were all my enemies. Now when I am black power, we have Singha. What to do? Savi says everything isn’t about you. We are having a serious discussion. Nishant says don’t worry. We will find out answers.

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