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The Evil Eye 20 May 2021: The Evil Eye update Thursday 20th May 2021 Avi says I have asked the police to find Pari. Chitali says they can’t fight that witch. Shekhar says I have asked Vedsheree to rest. Chitali says those dayans can use Pari. Shekhar says we have to find a way to make them lose. Ansh asks Piya do you know how we can use that stone? Piya says I don’t remember but that stone is made for some other place. Mohana, Parthmayan, Pari, and Naman unite at a place and smirk.

Piya cries looking at Pari’s photo. Ansh comes there. Piya says I was miffed with you but Pari became a reason for me to live, what if something happens to Pari? Ansh says she can fight them, she knows about her powers and she is brave, unlike our childhood. Piya says I remember my mom used to keep that stone in that box but I don’t know where it is now. Guru Maa comes there and says I have something for you, she gives her the box. Piya says its the same box, she puts stone inside the box and suddenly box lights up bright, all move closer to see a book inside. Piya reads that use this Ram Setuman but takes Devi’s name first. Guru Maa says its a riddle, Piya finds a sack with powder in it. Ansh says we don’t have much time.

Nishant and Saanvi come to their office to see Dilruba tied to a chair. Saanvi starts reading the book while Nishant frees Dilruba. Dilruba pushes Saanvi away and told her that this is a mantra which will make you dazed by Parthmayan, Naman read it and became her ally.

Avi shows a clip in which Parthmayan is dazing everyone to put them under her spell. Chitali says she is fast. Guru Maa says she won’t stop till she makes everyone under her spell. Piya says we only have a powder, how will we fight her?

Nishant says Parthmayan wants to rule this world with her evil powers. Saanvi shows clip and says they are making them under her spell. Dilruba says she is making them powerful and making her force. The priest says we can make our own small force, we have to unite with Devik and Davansh for powers.

Adi asks if they are going to lose? Ansh says no, God is with us. Piya says today is Dushera, Durga Maa made evil lose today. Adi says she was Goddess but how will we fight? Piya says Devi Maa is with us, Adi says why she made Parthmayan evil? Piya says humans and people choose if they want to be nice or evil. Adi says how will we fight when we don’t have weapons? Shekhar says he is right. Ansh says I don’t know how we will win over Parthmayan but we have to find what she wants to make her stop. Vedsheree comes there and says I know what she wants.

Mohana and Pari are combing Partmayan’s hair as she looks at her force and sits on her throne. Mohana says they must be crying over their defeat. Parthmayan says they must be planning to make us lose, you are so stupid. Pari says right. Parthmayan says a kid is smarter than you Mohana. Mohana gets angry. Parthmayan says you want to take my seat but you can’t even compete with this kid. Mohana says I am Ekayan. Parthmayan says you are my daughter so prove it, show your powers tonight and make me proud. Mohana says I will show you. Parthmayan says I will make a show tonight as its Dushera. She tells her force that its time to do what I came here for, let’s go.

The priest tells Nishant to bring all his weapons. Saanvi brings it. Nishant says if anyone hears her mantra then that person will become her loyalist, we have to become immune to her mantra so we have to sing it.

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