The Evil Eye update Thursday 25 February 2021 Starlife


The Evil Eye 25 February 2021: Piya brings herbs and applies it on Ansh. Vedsheree says nothing is happening. Piya says Munna can help us. She brings Munna and asks him to save his father. She makes Munna go on bed. Munna goes and touches herbs. They light up and make Ansh open his eyes. All are surprised and gather around him. Ansh asks Shekhar if he is fine? He thanks Ansh.

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Mayank tries to melt frozen girl. He melts her. She falls in his arms, he sees mark on her.

All family members are ready to celebrate Munna’s birthday. Ansh and Piya are taking Munna downstairs. Ansh pulls her closer, she says what are you doing? Ansh says I am loving my wife. She blushes. They try to cross their room and come in lounge but Munna become of stone. Vedsheree says is there danger here? Shekhar says maybe he is scared. Suddenly Munna becomes fine.

Nishant, Naman and Saanvi are searching for girl. Naman says are you sure creature took girl? Nishant says we have to find out.

Mayank asks girl to open her eyes. She sees her mark wiping away and says what is happening?

Vedsheree comes near mandir and feels some power. She tries to take aarti plate. Flashback shows how Ruby had put braid in her hair when she left.

Mayank hides girl from his family. He sees Nishant coming to his house from window and says I have to hide girl.

The Evil Eye update Thursday 25 February 2021

Vedsheree brings aarti plate, it catches fire and burns out. Vedsheree throws it.

Mayank goes to balcony and freezes glass wall. He leaves with girl. His mother comes there and sees wall frozen.

Piya says to family that Ruby said her evil eye wont leave us, evil eye is still even if Ruby left. Vedsheree says we have to find out about it.

Nishant comes in building. Mayank comes infront of him. He says excuse me and leaves. Nishant doesnt recognize him. Some men are taking boxes out of building. Mayank goes with them.

Priest says to family that there is a way to find out evil power in this house. He uses haldi to make a ball. They all follow it.

Vedsheree is working in kitchen, suddenly haldi bottle falls from her hands. Vedsheree feels some pain in hand but sees no wound. She comes out and sees back foot marks on haldi thrown on floor. She is stunned and says this cant happen. Flashback shows how Ruby had put Mohana’s braid on her. Vedsheree says my mother was a witch, so I can become witch too? I have to do something. Suddenly she takes witch avatar. She runs to balcony. Family comes there falling a ball but they dont see Vedsheree as she is hiding by jumping on wall. Priest says evil power may have left.

Mayank brings girl to river and throws her in.

Vedsheree is in lounge. Ansh asks where were you? Vedsheree says I was bringing aarti plate.

Naman says to Nishant that how we will catch that creature? They come to Mayank’s house. They see guests leave. His mother says you are back? Nishant says can I talk.

All are celebrating Munna’s birthday. Neha says to Ansh that you have to pull rope so balloons will come here. Neha asks who will name her? Ansh and Piya argue over name. Ansh names him Aditya. Vedshree glares at Aditya. Chitali says lets do aarti. Vedsheree says Munna’s mother should do it, she asks Piya to do it. Ansh says we want Vedsheree to tell Munna his name. They all look at her, she smiles and thinks that if I go near him then he will become of stone.

Mayank’s mother says to Nishant that you can check my son’s room, why you keep doubting my son? what if my daughter’s proposal break because of you? Saanvi sees ice there. She hides it and says we are sorry, lets go Nishant.

Ansh makes while Vedsheree starts going near Munna. He becomes of stone but suddenly balloons fall in in lounge. She whispers Aditya. Neha asks Vedsheree to do ritual again as video didnt come. Vedsheree says no its not a good omen.

The Evil Eye update Thursday 25 February 2021

Mayank is worried about girl and his powers. His sisters come there and try to talk about sale but mother comes there and shoos them. She asks where was he? your sister’s marriage proposal came, you dont even talk to us now, I know you, there is something bothering you, tell me when you can. She turns to leave but he stops her and gets emotional. She hugs him. Mother says boy is nice, we have to marry her sometime. He says okay.

Avi is calling his guests. Shekhar talks to his sister Jaya as well on call. Jeweler comes there.


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