The Evil Eye 27 May 2021: Piya calls Ansh and asks if he ate something? He says I am just coming, did you eat? She says I am waiting for you.

Nishant and Saanvi come to the witches’ room. Nishant says we will try to ask some evil powers. He knocks on the glass and some evil powers glare at him.

Dev tells Piya that you are keeping a fast for Ansh but he is in danger because of you. You have made a connection with me already, you called me here even when you didn’t know me by sending your broken knife to me.

Saanvi shows Dev’s picture to evil powers and asks them if they know him? Evil powers start hitting the glass and are about to break it. Nishant says let’s go from there.

Ansh’s car breakdowns. He says Piya must be waiting for me. He runs from there.

Nishant makes a smoke go in witches’ room to calm the evil powers.

Vedsheree tells women about the fact that they keep for their husbands.

Dilruba brings imli to Naman and asks him to eat with her. She makes him wear a blue eye lens like her and says now we have the same eye color, you will just have to give a human to my mother for eating and she will be happy with you. Naman says what are you saying?

All family members start doing pooja looking at the mandir. Ansh flies in the air and comes on the balcony. Piya is looking at the moon through a net. She turns to see Ansh and smiles. Dev thinks how can she see Ansh without hurting him? Vedsheree says first we should look at the moon to make our husbands protected from all the harms. Ansh holds the net but it catches fire. Dev smirks.

Dilruba comes to Naman and shows him the aarti plate. Naman says you want to do a pooja? She says I have kept a fast for you, he laughs and says really? Dilruba says come with me.

Ansh throws the burning net away, Piya says it’s fine. Piya tells Ansh that I am worried, he says I am with you. He makes her drink water. Dev sees Piya’s hand filled with sindoor powder as she had cleaned the aarti plate and thinks this is what protects them.

Dilruba goes upside down and looks at Naman’s face through a net.

Piya and Ansh come to their room. Piya says I don’t want to take a risk. Ansh says just touch me. Dev throws a liquid in their room. Piya touches Ansh but liquid touches his shoes and he gets a shock, he falls down and his hair turns white. Piya sees Dev and shouts at him, he leaves.

Dilruba tells Naman that my mom asked me to bring a human to her and she is waiting.

All family members are worried about Ansh. Avi Avi checks his blood and says his blood is turning to water. Piya comes to Dev and says I am sure you are behind all this, make Ansh fine or else I will not spare you. Vedsheree says he is a Devik, he won’t do this. Piya says he is lying, he is behind all this, she uses her powers to attack Dev but he protects himself. Dev says we can find a solution, I am not behind all this. Piya says I am not listening to you, she is about to hit him with her knife but Nishant comes there and throws Piya away. He says a Devik can’t kill another Devik, he is right, he helped DEvya trap evil powers, I asked them and they were angry seeing his photo.

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