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The Evil Eye 31 December 2020: The Evil Eye update Thursday 31st December 2020, Ansh pulls Piya to side and pins her to wall. Ansh says to Piya that I want to show you reality of people. Piya says what about your reality? what you want from me? Ansh says my mom think you can save us. Piya says I couldnt save my Guru Maa so I cant do anything, I dont care about anyone else. Ansh says then why are you staying here? I dont care about you too, he pushes her away and says I wont care even if you die. He turns to leave. Piya sees bruising mark on her wrist and cries. Naina plays, Ansh stops and turns to her, he starts going towards her but Vedsheree comes to Piya and takes her from there.

In dandia show, Neha says to people that it will be a competition between Vedsheree and Mohana, their partners will be Piya and Ruby. Mohana and Ruby glares at Vedsheree and Piya. They start dandiya competition. Piya have a face-ff with Mohana. Vedsheree asks Mohana to get ready to run. Mohana says we will see who makes other run.
A monster is shown killing people in streets.

All are enjoying their dance. Vedsheree makes Mohana throw her stick. Piya makes Ruby throw her stick. Vedsheree and Piya wins. Neha asks losing team to hold their ear and accept their defeat. Chitali asks Mohana to hold her ears, its just a competition. Ruby and Mohana are about to hold their ears but a monster in half wolf-half human form comes there. Mohana recalls how she called the monster and thinks now we will see if devik can save them. Monster starts running towards family, he hits Ansh, Ansh flies in air and falls down, Mohana is stunned and thinks why he is hurting Ansh? Mohana says to Vedsheree that I wanted him to kill devik only. Ruby recalls how monster is her father, he came to her and asked her who cut her hair? Ruby said that Mohana did it, monster said that I wont spare Mohana now, flashback ends. Ruby thinks that I shouldnt have told daddy about Mohana, he will take revenge from Ansh. Mohana says to Vedsheree that this monster doesnt know about my powers, I wont spare him. Vedsheree says if kids know that you are witch then they will be devastated. Mohana thinks she is right, I cant make Ansh hate me. Avi and Shekhar bring guns and shoot monster but nothing happens to him. All are scared. Monster uses his powers to stop them.

Sushant and Priest meets a bird. Sushant says we have to answer him before going ahead in patal. Bird tells him a riddle, Sushant relates it to Piya and says riddle answer is father. Bird flies away. Sushant and Priest goes in cave. They see it empty, Sushant says someone stole it.

The Evil Eye update Thursday 31 December 2020: Monster glares at family and throws a trishul at Shekhar but Ansh comes forward and gets stabbed. Vedsheree and Mohana screams. Piya is stunned. Avi and Shekhar gets angry and tries to attack monster but he pushes them away. Piya screams Ansh and runs to him, she hugs him. Monster grabs her and throws her away. Ansh screams Piya! Monster starts beating Ansh again but Ansh pushes him away and takes out trishul from his body, all look on. Monster is about to punch him but Ansh grabs his hand and beats him. Ansh jumps and hits his head. Monster tries to kick him but Ansh grabs his head and breaks his horn. Monster screams in pain. Mohana says to Vedsheree that Ansh proved whose son he is, he is a witch’s son and proved that he is davansh, what will you do now? Vedsheree says this cant be possible, she cries. Monster shows patal liquid he brought. Mohana says how could he bring it? no witch or davans can stop effects of this liquid. Monster throws that liquid at Ansh, Ansh becomes weak. Ruby tries to stop her monster dad but he pushes her away and starts beating Ansh. Vedsheree asks Mohana to do something, Mohana says my powers are nothing infront of him. Vedsheree tries to stop monster but he pushes her away and starts beating Ansh. He throws Ansh near Piya, Ansh tries to hold Piya’s hand. Piya wakes up. Monster pushes Ansh away from Piya and beats him. Piya cries and says to Mata Rani that you gave me powers so you show me the path, please help, mata sends powers to her. Piya stands up and starts doing tandav. She sees Ansh getting beaten and takes Mata’s avatar.

Scene 2
Saanvi sees some roots in her office. She is about to go to that but a book is revealed on table. Saanvi sees page which reads that when evil is too much then Mata comes or sends devik to end evil, power of devik is at peak at Navratri, she realizes about her powers too. Saanvi says I am sure that Piya is devik, I will find her.

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