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The Evil Eye 22 June 2021: The Evil Eye update Tuesday 22nd June 2021 Vedeshree says we repeated history. Chetali says I hope Mohana doesn’t come back to our lives. Shekhar says how will we remove her from thoughts. Chetali says what’s the guarantee she is gone. She comes back every time. Avi says she won’t return this time. This story is over. Vedeshree says where is Ansh? Piya says he is in his room. He was upset. Let me see him. Vedeshree says nothing bad will happen now. Nishant says in heart how do I tell them there’s a new problem coming in their lives.

Ansh says to someone one day or another I will have to face Mohana’s anger. She will come back to take revenge from me. I did that to save my family but I killed an innocent man. I am ready to be punished for my sin. I don’t want my family to suffer. I have to do something that makes it easier for my family to bear all this. I need your help. She is coming. We don’t have a lot of time. He says why don’t you understand, I have to do it. Piya says Ansh, who were you talking to? He says I was on call. Piya says thank you for saving us all. Piya hugs him. Mohana says I am coming. Piya feels something weird. Piya says are you okay? He says yes. Piya says I felt like you’re hiding something.

Scene 2
Savi says why didn’t you tell them? Nishant says for the first time I saw them peaceful. I saw hope in their eyes and not fear. How could I? Savi says what if we don’t warn them and it becomes dangerous. We should tell this to Piya.
Piya says Ansh, I know Angad’s death is troubling. We are all responsible for his death, not you. Anyone would have done the same. Let me see the kids. Don’t take the stress.

A driver stops a bus. Mohana is standing on the way. She gets on the bus and kills all of them. Mohana drives the bus. Nishant calls Piya, Ansh picks the phone. Nishant says Piya listen to me. Ansh had to hit that nail because only a witch’s son could do it. But it’s said that if a son seals his mother, the mother’s evil comes inside the son. But I think it’s least likely because Ansh is a devik’s husband and all evil in him is over. We don’t have to worry but I want you to keep an eye on him. Let me know if you notice a change in his behavior. Why are you not saying anything? Is Ansh around? Ansh hangs up. He says I found the way.

Ansh walks out. He recalls what happened. He recalls what Nishant said. Mohana hits a wood in anger. Ansh looks at her from the balcony. He says Mohana, what is she doing here? She came out. Mohana says you have two days only. Ansh is scared. Ansh says I have to do something in these two days.

Nishant says Piya didn’t call. I hope everything is fine. Dilruba says to Nishant, my bats are saying my necklace is shinig. My husband is lost. He hasn’t come back in 3 days. Nishant says don’t worry we will find him.

Ansh looks at Piya and the kids. He says I am ready to pay for my sins. My family shouldn’t suffer. He picks Piya and says if they get to know Mohana is going to attack me. I have to do something that they send me away from them. So even if Mohana kills me they won’t know. Ansh lays Piya on the bed. He holds her hand. Ansh says I won’t stop Mohana. I have to show that I am not old Ansh. Piya says Ansh.. Ansh walks out. Piya says what happened? He leaves.

Scene 3
Savi, Dilruba and Nishant follow the bats. Dilruba says when a witch is in trouble, they send signals to these bats.. Turn off your phones. Nishant says we have to find Naman.
Piya says to everyone ansh’s behavior has changed a lot. Chetali says he is holding himself responsible for Angad’s death. Vedeshree says I cut my finger, he didn’t give me the medicine. He said I don’t have time. They hear Avi screaming. Ansh is throttling Avi. Chetali says Ansh leave him. Piya says what are you doing. Vedeshree says leave him Ansh. Ansh shoves him and says don’t dare to come to my room again. Avi says I only went to his room to say that he shouldn’t lock himself like this. Piya says I should call papa. She says papa’s phone is off.

Dilruba says let me look there. You two stay here. Piya hears Ansh playing with the kids. She goes in and sees Pari hitting Adi and Ansh encouraging her. Piya says what is happening here. Adi.. Adi makes a fire circle around Pari.

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