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The Evil Eye 29 December 2020: The Evil Eye update Tuesday 29th December 2020, Ansh ties Piya dupatta with his chest and start climbing his house building… Mohona hold vedashri and ask shekhar to neel down and ask for forgivness. Shekhar neel down and say sorry and ask for forgivness inculding avinash and chaitali. Shekhar ask mohona to leave vedashri. She leave her down. Vedashri start falling when, avinash and shekhar use floor mat and hold her from hurting. Mohona warn them not to try to fool or take stand against her. Ansh is still climbing building wall… Shekhar blame himself for messing with mohona. Chaitali and avinash console him and ask him to wait for devik. They think where is ansh?

Villagers reach rathod house and shout and ask them to bring ansh as he ran away with piya. Shekhar ask them to stop.. Naman reach there and do his act saying its ansh who hurted him and took my dulaniya… No-one believes them.. But just than ansh walk with piya in his arms. He make her lie down on couch.. Naman do his joke giri stating, please get up, I told you he is not human but demon.. Mohona is shocked to see Piya and remember how she hurted her…

Sarpanch demand to take piya away and punish ansh.. Mohona act to good and with her fake tears fold her and say let him say his side of truth… Naman says that he took my dulaniya from mandap, as you are mother and i understand your pain, I shall give him one chance… Everyone ask ansh about his doing… Ansh think about his promise to vedashri, her condition..and say I can’t explain you but reason is really big.. Naman say we gave him chance but he is failed…now we shall punish him.. Sarpanch and villagers say yes, but shekhar and avinash try to control their anger… Ansh finally speak more and say that my mother is turned into stone, and we need piya… Villagers say you think use fool… Avinash say its the biggest truth just believe us… Villagers say if its true, then why you need piya.. Ansh say because only devik can save my maa… Mohona think if they come to know that piya can cure vedashri and she is devik, then they will never let go her..

The Evil Eye 29 December 2020 Star Life: Mohona remember how she took cloth from vedashri saree and she try to fool people but cloth piece slip.. Villagers and Naman tell them to call vedshri.. Mohona uses her hair to pick that piece. Mohona think if she will free vedashri, none will believe their talk and none will know that piya is devik… She pick that piece and touch piya hands.. Vedashri get free from stone.. Avinash say we shall bring vedashri out, and you all believe.. Vedashri come out.. Everyone hugs her and ask about her well being.. Vedashri hug ansh and both get emotional.. Vedshri infrom that she filled someone filled her life again.. Mohona think I never ever wanted you to free vedashri but I can’t let devik stay here..

Vedashri see piya and think about guru maa words that piya is devik.. Naman tell that they were lying and ask rathod to give him his dulaniya.. Ansh denies saying no.. Piya get concious and ansh and naman goes to her.. Piya get shocked seeing Ansh..

Naman ask Piya to get up.. Ansh try to stop him, but Piya get concious… Mohona thinks? of her doings with Piya and hide her face?.. Ansh sit near piya… As piya open eyes, she see ansh and recall everything he did as davansh.. She shouts and sit far.. Naman wickedly smiles? and hold Piya hand.. He ask her to calm down and ask her to come.. He take Piya with him, but Vedashri stop them… Villagers tell them that Ansh spoiled Piya and Naman marriage, we will take them back for it… Mohona supports them that we can’t stop them… Vedashree think? she want this only, but ask Piya to stay…Shekhar ask her why? Vedshri say we shall make Piya marry to Naman…. Avinash and Chaitali ask why should we do so? Vedshri say because Ansh ruined Piya Naman Marriage, so we shall repend by doing so, and ask piya to stay… Piya say for how many mistakes they will repend: for what he did with me or what he did with guru maa?? He tried to hurt Guru Maa… Ansh nods no, and rest get shocked?… Piya say tell me how I can stay here when I know Ansh hurted Guru Maa?? Vedashri deny saying he can’t do… Piya say you are mother, you will not believe easily… Vedashri ask did she saw herself? Naman remember that guru maa told that piya need to marry ansh as she is devik.. Naman say he saw.. Vedashri say may be he too misunderstood, let guru maa herself say truth… Piya say I can’t stay here knowing that guru maa is hurt… Vedashri say we shall bring her too.. Mohona think? she is failing my plan… Vedashri say even I want her to recover soon, and we have best doctors here… Now please stay.. She fold ??hand and ask villagers if now they are fine.. Sarpanch head say, if its piya wish, then we are fine… Vedashri ask her again.. Piya nod her head in yes… Ansh, Shekhar, Vedashri, chaitali and avinash cry in happiness? while mohona and Naman get tensed.. Naman think if maa come here, my game will be over… Villagers bless Piya to stay happy and safe and goes… Mohona think that I made vedashri fine to make Devik away but she ruined my game…. Shehkar ask Vedshri whats in her mind? Chaitali say we had 2 dayan and now 1 devik, is this house or fighting house… Vedashri say she had this in that she need to stop devik at home to save all from dayan?… Avinash say for how long, what will happen after marriage?? Vedashri says Piya will never get married to Naman, she is devik and as per guru maa and pandit ji, devik is born to marry davansh, i.e. our Ansh, Piya will get married to Ansh…

The Evil Eye 29 December 2020: Piya is standing balcony… Ansh arrives and see her, and remember what he did till now…
Ansh: Piya
Piya is about to go, but ansh stop her.
Ansh: I wanted to thank you:?
1. for saving Maa
2. For staying here on her request.
Piya: who told you i am staying herE?
Ansh: I am sorry for what I have done.
Piya: You made it bad omen for me, you even not know, how bad it is to take girl from her Marriage Mandap. You didn’t even think once.
Ansh: I am really very sorry for all things!
Piya: How many sorry’s will you say ansh:
1. Stopping my marriage in middle
2. Hurting Guru Maa
3. Beating my village people
How many sorry’s will you say?? I agree that I didn’t saw you hurting Guru maa, but what about rest?
Ansh: I agree, that time even I didn’t realise what was happening with me, as if I was not human but Hewan (Devil), but Piya I go through these suspious things and even don’t know how and why (flashback shows from his car accident till jungle fight) and Piya I am not alone, even you experience these suspious things. Piya get flashback throwing knife?, taking thing from fire, saving child from far)

Chaitali says that how can we get marry Ansh to Piya as Ansh is already married to ruby… Vedashri say I don’t know.. Chaitali say and piya is about to marry Naman.. Shekhar say about to, not yet.. We never believed vedashri but not now.. We all are with you.. But my worrt is that Piya is still child, will she able to fight Dayan? power.. Avinash say that hope we not hurt piya in return for saving ansh?

Ansh: I never told you Piya, but when ever you touch me or come near me, I get something suspious.. You need to see what happens…
He touches her hand?? and his eyes ?from brown change to yellow… Flashback shows since he touch her till now… Piya get scared?.. Ansh leave her hand..
Ansh: Don’t worry, I shall never hurt you intensionally or unintensionally.. I don’t know what our Kismat want from us? But beacuse of you Maa got fine, so if she want you to stay here, please stay here..

The Evil Eye 29 December 2020: Vedashri say that Piya is Devik, she has special blessing from Devi Maa, and how much Dayan? may be powerful, she will lose infront to Devik.. She ask chaitali to go near guru maa, and she goes to inform Piya about Guru Maa arrival.

Piya says fine and see Mohona and remember all things mohona did with Piya.
Piya: Who is she?
Ansh: My mother.
Piya gets terrified? and runs??‍ from there getting too scared.. She strike with vedashri.

Vedashri ask piya to relex and tell what happened… Piya say I can’t stay here… Vedashri ask her to calm and tell me.. Piya tell that mohona is not human but dayan ?and hurted guru maa… Vedashri say yes she is dayan and ansh mother, but ansh doesn’t know this truth that mohona is dayan?.. Piya say you should have told me this before.. Vedashri say it was not easy.. Piya say whatever but please forgive?? me, I can’t stay here.. She runs upstairs??‍… Leaving vedashri shocked.?..

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