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The Evil Eye 8 June 2021: Vedeshree says all these mirrors? Where are kids? Adi Pari.. She looks at them. Adi recalls Kalashree. He stops Pari from going to her. He says she isn’t dadi. She is the witch. They run. Vedeshree says stop. They see Kalashree. Vedeshree comes after them. Pari says who is real dadi? Adi says the black one is a witch. Vedeshree says stop. Adi and Pari run. Vedeshree says where did they go? They come inside Mohanan’s room. Pari says is this the only room you had to come to? He says this is the only safe place.

They go inside Moahana’s circle. Adi says Moahana dadi, she is a witch, not dadi. Kalashree says I am Vedeshree’s twin. We are sisters, never knew I would meet you like this. I was always there, ma never told you about me. Mohana says how is that possible? Kalashree says you could kill one of us. You would try to kill us. Mohana says why are you here? what do you want? She says it’s time for Vedehsree and me to be one and become Mahawitch. You know about witch join, right? Mohana says this won’t ever happen. Vedeshree won’t walk to the dark path. Kalashree says what if she doesn’t have an option? She will be so helpless she will have to come with me. And you two, stop hiding behind Mohana. Your whole family will be over tonight and you two will stay here with this senior citizen.

Ansh’s powers aren’t working. Piya says nothing would work here. He takes a knife from outside the mirror. Vedeshree sees Kalashree. She says I got scared of my own shadow. Kalashree says I am not your shadow, I am your twin sister Kalashree. Vedeshree says this can’t be true. You are lying. Vedeshree says you’re lying. You’re a shadow. Kalashree says touch me. I am not lying. I always knew about you and I am here for you only. We have to be one with witch join and become Maha witch. Vedeshree says go from here. This is my family. Kalashree says our family. Kalashree says to show them everyone is a witch. Vedeshree says what? This can’t be true. Where are kids? She runs to find the kids.

The roots are growing inside the mirror. Piya says we can’t cut them for long. They are coming towards us. Shekhar says we won’t be able to stop them. Avi says Ansh please do something.
Nishant and Pandit ji, come to the house as well. He says they shouldn’t see us. Only kids are human here, but they can be caught as well. This red cloth will tell you who is a witch and who is human.

Chetali (witch) says Vedeshree ran? Kalashree says she will come back to us. Avi (witch) says what if she runs? Kalashree says she won’t go anywhere until we have her family. Let her run.
Nishant starts fumigating the house. Kalashree says they’re here to save them. They will see everyone dying.

Vedeshree sees Nishant. He tells her everything. He says everyone is in the mirror. Only kids are out. I have to meet Mohana to find out the way. Do you know that witch is?

Nishant comes to Mohana. The kids hug Nishant. Nishant says I need your help Mohana. She says finally you came? I was wondering the family is in trouble and you are not here. Why would I help you? He says to save the family. Mohana says I don’t care about this family. Pari says family members help each other. Adi says yes. Mohana says don’t start lectures like your dadi. Nishant says I helped you get here. Mohana says that was a deal. I helped you first so you returned the favor. Nishant says this family helped you too. Help them. Mohana says I told them there’s a witch in this house. They didn’t listen so, they may suffer now. Pari says don’t say that dadi. Nishant says if you don’t help others you would help yourself. I am sure you wouldn’t want another witch to have more powers than you. That would happen in a few hours. Mohana says what do you want? He says witch diamond. Give it to me.

Vedeshree sees Pandit ji. He says everyone is caught in the mirror. Vedeshree says how would you get everyone out? Pandit ji sees her through the cloth and realizes she is Kalashree not Vedeshree.

The diamond is in Mohana’s eye. She brings it out. Nishant tries to take it. Mohana says this is precious to me. If you make any mistake, I won’t leave you. She gives him the diamond.

Scene 2
Dilruba is crying. Her mom says what happened? Dilruba says Savi fell in love with Naman. She says your husband is fooling you. Naman loves Savi. Not Savi loves him. Dilruba says he is a traitor.

Kalashree says I can kill you right now Pandit. But I want to play today. She shoves him with her braid. Kalashree says let’s do something to that Nishant. She becomes like Vedeshree and says I am Vedeshree’s twin after all. Do I look like her? I will see how he gets them out of the mirror.

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