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The Evil Eye 12 May 2021: The Evil Eye update Wednesday 12th May 2021, Urvashi in Piya’s avatar tells her that her kids cant see her. Kids come there and go to Urvashi, they cant see real Piya as she is just a soul. Piya cries. Pari asks her to make her braids. Urvashi messily makes it. Pari goes and tells Adi that mama doesnt make braids like this. Piya is tensed seeing kids are following Urvashi as Piya.

Urvashi in Piya’s avatar enters Mohana’s van and says I told you I would come to save you. She tries to open her box. Ansh is in front seat and hears something. He goes in back but URvashi hides. Ansh locks Mohana’s box and tells Nishant that everything is fine.

Ansh and family arrives at mandir to drop off Mohana. Guru Maa says we have to tie Mohana like we did years ago. Nishant and family pours patal, roses and jal around her box. Vedsheree says we gave you chances but you kept hurting us, you are stuck here for life. Avi says we have to drop her off and make sure she doesnt comeback in our lives. Guru Maa says trust Devi Maa.

Naman and Saanvi trying to work on Bhasmika’s nail but it catches fire. Saanvi says it means Bhasmika is alive and dangerous.

Guru Maa asks family to pray to Devi Maa to keep Mohana tied here for life. They go to Maa’s idol. Urvashi comes to Mohana’s box and says I have to free her. She gets surrounded by mantras circle and uses her feather to make Mohana alive again. All family members are praying in mandir. Mohana says I knew you would comeback, I am in mandir where was I locked. Urvashi says if they complete mantras then you cont be able to leave from here. Mohana says you have Piya’s body so use her knife to cut walls of these mantras. Urvashi uses knife but finds metal bangle there, Mohana says we can use this. URvashi says its Adi’s so I cant use it.

Mohana throws it at mantras wall around them and hole has been created. Urvashi jumps out of hole. Mohana tries but cant as family comes there. Nishant says Mohana is surrounded by mantras so she cant leave from there. They lock her mandir and leave. Urvashi comes to Mohana and says why did you make me go out first? Mohana says you have powers so you can fulfill our mission, I dont care if I am here, Urvashi leaves. Mohana smirks and says she doesnt know my real intentions.

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