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The Evil Eye 16 December 2020: Starlife update on The Evil Eye Wednesday 16 December 2020, Mohana says to Vedsheree telepathically that you have to do what I say, bring Ruby’s statue on floor. Vedsheree does, Mohana asks to put candles around her statue. Vedsheree does. Mohana starts her witch mantra and asks Vedsheree telepathically to do it too. Piya is locked in casket and sees Mohana’s black energies in air, she is scared and looks around but suddenly se remembers her knife, she pulls it from her foot holster and tries to break casket from it, she cries. She recalls flashback how her mother said that knife has power but real power is in faith and trying from heart. Piya tries again and holds her knife, she puts it on her heart and sticks it to casket wall.

Avi says to family that Ruby studied in Dehradun university, I asked her family but they got scared and nervous. Shekhar says its not a big deal. Avi says she got graduated then why she took admission in Mumbai college with Ansh? Shekhar says we shouldnt waste time in wedding. Neha comes there and says but weddign happen.

Piya prays in casket and is surround by trishul, her casket raises in air. Mohana is doing evil mantras to bring Ruby ack to life. She says soon Ruby will comeback and nobody can stop Ansh and Ruby’s wedding.

Shekhar says what? Neha says this Ruby is weird, Shekhar says she is devik. Avi says why she lied about her studies? Shekhar says you must be mistaken, its not a big deal, you must have scared her parents. Avi says I will call them here and ask again.

The Evil Eye 16 December 2020: Piya prays and breaks her casket. Mohana is busy doing mantra for Ruby when she turns and sees Piya free and standing there. She gets tensed. Piya opens her eyes and her light burns Mohana. Mohana looks around and sees Piya standing on otherside. Mohana says this cant happen, how you came out of it? Piya is scared. Mohana says you dont even know about your powers and you never will, I will kill you as a witch will live when devik dies. She tries to attack Piya but Piya is shielded by her powers. Mohana says I will deal with you later, I have to bring Ruby back first. She looks around for her evil candle but Piya takes it and blows off flame. Mohana screams no.. Piya thinks that I dont know how to face a witch but Guru Maa can help me, she runs from there.

Neha says to Shekhar that if Ruby is devik and with Ansh then Ansh should be positive, he should be happy, but he is getting weird, he held Rishi’s neck today, he didnt want to marry Ruby, Ansh got angry first when asked about marriage but then he agreed, Kajal says yes he didnt want to marry her. Shekhar says we should ask Ansh, Ansh comes there and says I want to marry Ruby.

The Evil Eye update Wednesday 16 December 2020: Mohana’s candle is blown off. In Ruby’s room, all things start blowing off and candles around her gets blown away. Mohana says take her out of there, Vedsheree sees a dressing table fall on her, she tries to save Ruby’s statue.

Neha says to Ansh that you are lying, you dont want to marry Ruby. Ansh says enough, dont talk about this topic. Avi and Chitali comes there, Avi says Ruby’s parents are missing, they are not here, its fishy. Shekhar says you are right, why would her parents leave her own wedding?

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