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The Evil Eye 23 June 2021: The Evil Eye update Wednesday 23rd June 2021 Piya stops the kids. Ansh says why did you stop them it was fun. Piya says our kids are fighting and you were finding it fun? This could risk their lives. he says our kids are brave and strong. Piya says what is wrong with you. Is there anything troubling you please tell me. He says stop your drama.

Ansh asked the kids to do this drama. He said Mohana would want to kill me. Adi said we can say sorry. Pari said we can at least tell mama. Ansh said no, I told you two only because I knew you two are brave. Will you both help me? Pari said, yes papa we will help you. Adi said yes papa. Ansh hugged them both. Ansh says stop your drama Piya. He leaves.

Dilruba comes to a cave. She sees Naman tied there. Dilruba says who did this to you? He says I was looking for Ansh. Go from here. Mohana comes there and says who else could this? Naman says Dlruba run. She says no I won’t leave you alone. Mohana says such love for your husband? This world only parts lovers. I am not like them. I can leave your husband. But you have to do something for me.

Ansh comes to his room. Piya comes there. Piya says you have to tell me the truth. I know you feel guilty but I don’t know why are you doing all this. Tell me what happened? He says why don’t you ask your papa. Ansh leaves. Piya calls Nishant.
Dilruba comes out and says Naman is fine. He is in there. He has to stay here, he can’t come with us. Savi and Nishant leave. Piya is at Nishant’s place. She tells him everything. Nishant says Ansh has gotten Mohana’s black powers. Piya says why didn’t you tell me? Savi says papa called you last night. Vedeshree calls Piya and says come home, please.

Ansh runs after Adi. He throttles Adi over the balcony. Piya says Ansh leave Adi, please. Ansh says okay.. He leaves Adi. Adi falls from the balcony. Everyone screams. Pari saves him and runs. Adi pretends to b fainted. Piya says Adi.. I can’t believe this. Adi please open your eyes. Dilruba says why did Adi do this? Mohana says you do what I asked you to. Do you want to see your husband alive or not?
Ansh comes to Mohana. Mohana says you think you can run away from them? Are you a fool? I gave you two days. Today is the second day. No one knows what will happen after them.

Piya brings Adi to his room. She says Adi, please open your eyes. Shekhar says he will be fine. Vedeshree says yes. Chetali says what is wrong with Ans. How can he do this to his own son.

Vedehsree says Ansh what is this? How could you do this to Adi. What if something happened to him? Ansh says did something happen to him? He is my son. Don’t do you lectures all the time. I know how to take care of my son. Shekhar says he is your mother. Ansh says a mother who keeps forcing her overly good concepts on me? I suffocate here. I am leaving this house. Everyone is shocked. He says enough, I will do what my heart says. Vedeshree says Ansh, you can’t leave me. You can’t do this. Ansh picks his bag. The song meri maa plays. Ansh leaves her hand. He walks out. Everyone is shocked. Ansh comes to the door. A black smoke ties him. It’s Nishant. Ansh says what will I do now. I have to go out of here to save them all.

Ansh is tied. Piya comes to him. Piya makes a circle around him. He says what are you trying to prove? She says I am only trying to stop you. I know you’re doing all this intentionally. He says I have Mohana’s evil in me. Piya says I know. Papa told you and then it all started? How? You picked his phone. You heard it all and you got to know there was a possibility. Ansh says are you an idiot? What’s the point of all these questions? You can’t change what’s happening. Piya says I only know that evil can’t take over you. Why are you doing all this? She hugs him.

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