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The Evil Eye 26 May 2021: Piya brings Ansh to their room, he says I am fine but he faints. Naman asks Dilruba to tell him about her mother. Dilruba says she is very scary and can eat a man alive.

Piya shouts at Dev and says this happened to Ansh because of you, all come there. They see Ansh’s skin redden. Piya says Dev did all this, he challenged Ansh and I am sure this is happening because of him. Vedsheree says he is a Devik, why would he hurt Ansh? Dev tells Piya that you are behind his pain, can’t you understand?

Naman tells Dilruba that you can hide that I am your husband from your mother. Dilruba says she is a bat, she can know the truth.

Dev tells Piya that your protective shield as a Devik is making Ansh get shocked. Your mother would say the same thing, your mother knew about me and she made me realize that I am a Devik and I helped her a lot.

Piya says then understands that Davansh and Devik have a connection and nobody can come in-between them. Dev says until another Devik comes in-between them, now we have a connection stronger than devik-davansh, if you stay near Ansh then it will hurt him, you should go away from him. Ansh wakes up and hears it.

Nishant tells Saanvi that Piya is doubting Dev and she has the good sense of judging people, I don’t know what his intentions are.

Ansh looks away from Piya. Piya says don’t even think about what Dev said, we didn’t come back together to get separated again. Ansh says it’s about connection. Piya says my connection with you only, she wipes his tears her with saree.

Vedsheree and Chitali make Piya have sargi to fast for the day. They do pooja. Piya tries to leave but Dev comes to her and says your relationship with Ansh is nothing. Piya says I am his wife and I trust my sindoor more than your powers, she promises on Tulsi that she won’t let anything happen to Ansh and says I can even go against a Devik.

Dev says you are being stubborn. She leaves. Dev tells his mysterious partner that we used a liquid to keep Ansh away from Piya but if Piya doesn’t accept that she is hurting Ansh then she won’t go away from him.

The function starts in the house. Dev uses his powers on Piya. He thinks that now when Piya looks at Ansh, it will hurt him. Piya is going to Ansh but something falls in her eyes and she doesn’t see Ansh.

Naman is hiding in the cupboard. Dilruba brings him out and says you don’t have to hide, do what I tell you to do.

Nishant calls Adi and Pari and asks them to follow Dev, we are doing a secret mission, he ends the call. Adi is trying to take Dev’s photo. Adi stands with Dev and Ruchi, Pari takes their photo and sends it to Nishant.

Dilruba introduces Naman to her mother and says he is a chudail too. Her mother as a bat flies away.

Pari asks Ansh what he is gifting to Piya? She is fasting for you. Ansh says you are right, he leaves. Piya comes there and asks where did Ansh go? Adi says to market. Piya says I needed some things as well. She tries to stop Ansh but he leaves.

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