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The Evil Eye 9 June 2021: Ansh says we are out of Ganga jal. Chetali says what would we do now? Piya says I am sure papa must be trying to save us. Chetali says he never saved us. He doesn’t know anything. Shekhar says don’t say that. This time, he would save us.
Nishant says to Vedeshree I was looking for you. Do you know where the mirror is? We have to break it with the diamond. Pandit ji comes up. He says I should tell Nishant that Kalashree is looking like Vedeshree.

She says give me the diamond. I will break it. He says no, I have to go inside the mirror. If we break it from outside, people inside won’t be able to come outside. She says you have powers. You can stop the witch from breaking the mirror. You should stay out, I will go in and break the mirror. Please give me the diamond. He is about to give her the diamond. Pandit ji throws the red cloth on Nishant. He says that it’s Kalashree, not Vedeshree.

Pari says dadi are you okay? She says worry about yourself. Adi says would nanu beat that witch? Mohana says want to know the truth. Pari says the truth. Mohana says don’t keep your hopes high with him. He is in danger like the rest of your family.
Kalashree says now, I don’t have to do the drama. Give me the diamond. You know how dangerous a witch can be. He says I have caught many witches like you, your turn. He is about to stab her with a trishul.

Piya says what will we do now? Ansh says we will fight for Adi and Pari and win like always.
Kalashree says don’t scare me with toys. Look there. He looks at Vedeshree caught by other witches. Vedeshree says don’t worry about me. Don’t give her the diamond? Vedeshree says don’t give her the diamond. Nishant says I know you won’t kill her because you won’t accomplish your mission without her. Kalashree says wow, you’re wise. I have to keep her alive, but not her family. It will be fun killing them. This is the last time I am asking you for the diamond. Or they will be caught in the mirror forever.

Kalashree looks at them. Nishant says no. Vedeshree says no.

Scene 2
Adi says are they in trouble? Pari says please help us Mohana dadi. Mohana says get me out of it? Adi says mama asked us not to get you out. We can’t break the promise. Pari says mama papa are in trouble. Please do it.. Mohana says use the floor. Adi takes her out.
Kalashree says I am asking the last time. Give me the diamond, I will break the mirror. Vedeshree says please give her. Nishant says she would kill everyone even if she gets the diamond. Kalashree says shut up. She is about to break the mirror. Mohana, Adi and Pari stop her. Parishoves her.
The roots are coming close to everyone. Chetali says I am really scared. Piya says where is papa?

Scene 2
Naman is stealing gold. Dilruba’s mom says your husband is stealing your gold.
Kalashree says to Mohana, you gave your eye to save them? She laughs. Kalashree says such braves kids. But you want to die at such young age? You thought you could save your family? Who would save you? Pari says who would save you from us? Kalashree says you think you can save your family from me? Mohana says I am here to get my second eye. I am here to save myself. I have to face Maha witch. Vedeshree says please don’t do that Mohana. Mohana throttles Nishant and says give me the diamond. Nishant says you can’t do that. You have to save the family that always saved you. Piya says it’s over Ansh. Ansh says it can’t be over so easily.

Naman brings gold. Chota says give it to me. Naman says won’t you revert from your word? He says no I won’t.
Nishant says Mohana, don’t do this. Vedeshree says I beg you Mohana don’t do this. Mohana says I stand with the one who wins. I have decided whose side I am on. You begging won’t change that. Give me my diamond back.

Mohana is taking the diamond back from Nishant. She shoves it inside the mirror. Piya says what is this? She says papa sent this diamond for us. Mohana made this plan with Adi and Pari. She said we can’t fight Kalashree directly because she has captured everyone inside. We have to get the diamond inside the mirror. The diamond just needs to go in front of the mirror and Ansh can use its reflection.

Kalashre says how dare you fool me. Ansh picks the Diamond. He says this isn’t a normal diamond. Piya says Ansh cut the mirror.

Naman gives gold to Chota. He comes back to life. He says give me my want back. Naman says I would but fulfill your promise first. Help me catch a black power first. Savi is coming. Naman says run.

Ansh cuts the mirror. Nishant puts trishul on Kalashree’s back.

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