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The Frontliner 20 August 2021: The Frontliner update Friday 20th August 2021 The Episode starts with Juhi asking Shashank what do you want to say. He says whatever Anjali said… She says I should take legal action against you, I didn’t know that you…. I was living in guilt till now, that I made a mistake, how could you. Sid does aarti and gives aarti to Ishani. Everyone does aarti. Anjali is at the luxury ward. The patient likes the services. He says I feel like I have come to chill at a five-star hotel. She asks him to enjoy. 

[Starlife] The Frontliner update Friday 20 August 2021

Shashank asks Anjali why did she leave early. She says I wanted to avoid traffic and came early, did you come to say sorry. He says yes, I should have not slapped you, whatever you did was shocking. She says I just told the truth. He says you realize that my professional relation is spoiling with Juhi. She says only then our personal relation will get better, I will go for some work. Nurse says your friend is asking for you, Ashish’s wife fell down, Rishabh is attending her, Ashish called Juhi also. Shashank goes.

Sid dances with everyone. Deva Shree Ganesha….plays… Ishani smiles. Sid’s mum feeds her prasad. Sid says she has germophobia, she won’t eat this. Ishani asks her to feed her with her hands. Sid’s mum feeds her and says I have made this myself. Ishani cries and smiles. Sid says sorry, mum didn’t know you have germophobia. Shashank comes to meet Ashish. He says it’s been so many years, we got old. Ashish says you are looking very handsome. Shashank asks what happened to Nandini. Juhi comes to greet. Ashish says I read your articles, I heard a lot about you from Shashank. Ashish says Nandini fell down while cleaning the house. Nandini says I m fine. Rishabh says there is no doubt about brain damage. Shashank says all good, we should clear doubt about internal injuries, it gets late until we know about it. Ashish says I m standing here in front of the top two neurosurgeons, will my wife get fine. Shashank jokes and hugs him.

Sidn dances in the pandal. Bappa Morya….plays…. Ishani also dances with him. Juhi sees a patient and asks what happened. The nurse says just Ganpati function hangover. Juhi asks Rishabh for Nandini’s scan. She thinks of Anjali’s words. She comes to Shashank and says I have to check your vitals, you should be medically fit for the surgery.

 Shashank asks are you still angry with me. She checks his BP. She says we will do an eye test. He says Juhi, I felt you won’t come back today. She says I have signed a contract, I will stay here until you fire me again, stand up, I have to check tremors and memory test. She asks what did you eat for lunch and dinner. He answers. She says no tremors. She says I have done wrong but…. She says I will check body coordination. He closes his eyes and walks towards her. She holds him to stop. He gets away. She says you are fit for performing the surgery. He asks can we sit and talk.

The nurse comes and says Nandini’s condition is getting worse, she is vomiting, come fast. Aman says it’s so fine. Sid says Ishani’s germophobia started. Sid’s mum applies holi colors to Ishani’s face. She says I will take Guddu, get everyone homes after Visarjan. Sid says okay. Ishani thinks what’s happening to me is that I m liking all this. She dances with the women.

Sid goes dancing with her. Ishani pulls him and dances with him. Sid takes him aside from the crowd. He asks her to stand on the stage and get the view. She smiles. They have a moment. Asha plays the dhol. A drunkard falls over her and troubles. Ishani looks on. Sid goes to the kids. Ishani runs to save Asha. Aman, Neil, and Rahil push the man away. The kids ask Sid to dance. Sid dances with them. Ishani goes and slaps the goon. The drunkard asks why are you becoming heroine in between. The goon pulls Ishani’s dupatta. Ishani gets shocked.

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