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The Frontliner 21 August 2021: The Frontliner update Saturday 21st August 2021 The Episode starts with goons beating Aman, Neil, and Rahil. Ishani shouts please leave them. She shouts to Sid. Sid dances on dhol music. He doesn’t listen to her. Sid comes there and beats the goons. A goon breaks a bottle on his head. Sid gets dizzy. His head bleeds. Ishani and everyone get shocked. Goons kick Sid. Goon says leave him, else he will die. Sid falls down. 

[Starlife] The Frontliner update Saturday 21 August 2021

Goon asks did your heropanti end now. Goon catches Ishani. He throws her down and asks how dare you to slap me. He takes a stick to hit her. She closes her eyes. Sid lies over her and gets beaten up. Ishani cries seeing Sid. Goons kick Sid a lot. The runaway. Sid falls aside. Ishani asks him to open his eyes.

Shashank checks Nandini and asks do you still see blurry. She asks will I get blind. Juhi also checks her. Ashish asks what happened to Nandini. Rishabh says MRI reports have come, it seems critical, comes fast. Ishani says Dr. Sid, nothing will happen to you. She sees blood on her hands. She says to call the ambulance fast. Aman says how will the ambulance come, there is much jam. Sid asks are you fine. Ishani says yes, I won’t let anything happen to you. Asha says Sid is in Ganpati Darbar, he will get fine. Ishani says his breath isn’t running. Ishani gives him CPR. Sid vomits blood. Juhi says you are fit for surgery, but I will suggest you don’t do this. Shashank asks is it because you don’t want to work with me. She says not everyone is selfish, and we are doctors. He says I will accept your suggestion, I want you to update me about this case. She says okay.

Ishani tries to hear Sid’s heartbeat. She says blood is filling in his chest, we have to take him to the hospital. Neil calls an ambulance. Asha says we will try to make a test tube. Aman gets a straw and some wine. Ishani washes the straw with alcohol. She apologizes to Sid and cries. Rishabh shows an MRI report. Juhi says so this is the target. Rishabh asks shall I get more tests done. Shashank says no need for more tests, forget Vardaan. Juhi and Shashank argue.

Rahil and everyone asks Ishani to cut on the chest. Ishani cries. Asha says give it to me. Shashank says no need to cut if the incision isn’t needed. Juhi says we can’t take risks. Rishabh says actually, sorry Sir. Shashank says I have taught you, I appreciate and respect your opinion, Nandini is old, she may have chances of rupture, why don’t you understand. She says you understand everything. He says fine, it’s your patient, your decision. She says please don’t force your opinion on me, you can stay in it when I perform the surgery. Shashank asks Rishabh to prepare the patient according to her. He goes.

Asha makes an incision on the chest. They put the straw inside to draw the blood out. Ishani cries. Neil says the ambulance is coming in two mins. Anjali says your reports are ready. She attends the patient. She sees Vardaan. He goes to some secret room. She thinks where did he disappear.

Everyone takes Sid to the hospital. Ishani says it’s an emergency, call Shashank fast. Asha says I will call Shashank. Ishani says check Rahil, he is in pain. Rahil says I want to be with Sid. Everyone runs to see Sid. Ishani asks the nurse to call Dr. Sid fast, match the blood, arrange blood. She says Dr. Sid, you can’t go like this, you will be fine, don’t close eyes, be with me. She asks for Shashank and Juhi.

Sid says you touched me and didn’t do ew. He smiles. She holds his hand and says you won’t leave me, promise me. He asks are you crying for me, you should be happy, you will get free from me. She says no, who will tease me then. He says I won’t survive. She says no, promise me, you won’t leave me, you can give me Gyaan forever. He asks lifelong? He closes his eyes. She asks him to open his eyes. She cries and shouts for Shashank. She gets shocked. She recalls Sid.

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