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The Frontliner 15 August 2021: The Frontliner update Sunday 15th August 2021 The Episode starts with Ishani slapping Sid and scolding him. He says I haven’t done anything. She says you don’t do anything wrong, you don’t cheat anyone, you didn’t ruin my life, you dragged my past, why. She gets down the ambulance. Sid shouts Ishani…. Rishabh meets Veronica. She praises him. Ishani recalls his words. Rishabh says this time, we will find out what happened to you, Ishani will assist me in this case. Ishani says liar, you said she is a golden hen and we won’t let her go, Sid was right about you. Her imagination ends.

Rishabh asks what’s wrong, admit Veronica and get tests done. Ishani says so many tests aren’t needed, yes Sir…. She goes. Sid washes his face. He says why do I care for Ishani’s opinion, I should think of my patients. Asha comes and says Rishabh took Ishani in his team, he sent me to your team, but Ishani needs me. A man comes. Sid asks are you okay. The man falls down. Sid checks him.

Vardaan says I didn’t see the good result of the posters move. Rishabh says yes, I got Ishani in my team. Vardaan says Ishani discharged Veronica, think like a boss, not a kid, else you would be reporting to Ishani. He goes to Ishani and asks for reports. Veronica says Ishani made me fine. Ishani says its gynac problem, she gets bleeding cough when her periods start, I note down some dates and found. He says its a rare disease, I know. She says no need for more tests, Veronica will be fine once she takes medicines. He says good job. He says Veronica, I gave the case to Ishani and told you that I will cure your disease this time. Veronica thanks him and goes. Rishabh scolds Ishani and says I m removing you from my team. Nurse says Ishani is a problem. Sid scolds the nurse. He says Ishani is a talented doctor. Rishabh goes angrily. Ishani cries. Sid says Rishabh is a money printing machine, don’t feel sad, come back in my team. Ishani goes. Neil gets a message. He says maybe it will be an accident victim, I will faint seeing blood, I m Dr. Neil. He gets shocked seeing his dad. Sid asks him to get suction. Neil says dad…. Sid and Asha look on. Sid says nothing will happen to your dad, I promise, get out. Neil goes.

Asha says his vitals aren’t in control, why does he have internal bleeding. Sid says we will find out later, book the OT and call Rahil, Neil needs you outside. Asha says maybe you are right, I will send Rahil. Ishani thinks don’t know how is the new boss. She comes to Dr. Hirani. She sees him sleeping. She tries to wake him up. She calls to complain against Dr. Hirani. She sends pics of him.

Shashank laughs and says so Ishani you got Dr. Hirani suspended for sleeping on duty, Sanjivani has become an adventure. Ishani says its wrong. Anjali comes and says we were going, but you aren’t ready. He says just two mins. She says fine, I will sit here. Shashank says I understand, you would have felt bad because of posters, sorry for that. Ishani says that’s not your mistake, assign a senior doctor for me. He asks why can’t you work with Sid. She says leave it, he is your fav. He says when you call me uncle, I recall little Ishani, who used to come home with her parents, I believe they were innocent, someone trapped them. Ishani says no, the evidences were against them, I have checked their case. He says maybe, but I don’t believe, you should come out of your past and parents’ shadow. Anjali says its tough to come out of parents’ shadow. He says Ishani, I m sure we will fit you somewhere. He wears a glove to shake hands with her. He says you may suspend me for spreading germs. Ishani laughs. Anjali looks on. He says its good to see you smiling.

Asha comes to Neil and says you know I love surgery, but I left surgery for you. Aman asks Neil to drink the milkshake. Neil worries. Sid and Rahil operate Neil’s dad. Sid asks them to call Juhi soon. Neil says go fast, dad will get paralyzed. Aman runs to call Juhi. Asha asks Neil to calm down. Ishani comes. Doctor scolds her and asks her to leave from OT. Other senior doctors also scold her. Ishani recalls her childhood. Juhi collides with Ishani. Ishani falls. Juhi goes to the OT. Ishani sits crying. Aman asks are you fine, come. He says Juhi had to go to OT, so this happened.

She cries and says it was my dream to work here, no one wants me to stay here. He tells her a story. She says you are right, I should leave Sanjivani. He says I didn’t mean that. She leaves and cries.

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