The Frontliner 26 August 2021: The Episode starts with Ishani saying don’t say anything. Asha says when we fall in true love, our heartbeat gets fast. Ishani sees Sid. Asha says your face can show it clearly, you are in love. Ishani says love is nothing, it’s biology, a person loses control of emotions. 

Starlife The Frontliner update Thursday 26 August 2021

Asha smiles and says you aren’t emotional or a lover, you are Dr. Ishani. Ishani says I m not able to find the dangerous illness, I will find out. Asha says calm down, Sid is the reason for it, control your symptoms if you can, say the truth, it will be good news for all of us. Juhi recalls Shashank and Anjali’s words. She sees Shashank leaving. He comes to her car and knocks on the window. She nods at him. He gets inside the car. He says I m sorry Juhi, I know you are hurt.

She says I m much hurt, why didn’t you tell me that time, why did you fire me from Sanjivani. He recalls Rahul’s words. She says I want an answer, I want to know, why didn’t you tell me. He says leave it. She says no, it’s my right to know it. He says Rahul had come to me, I have done this on his saying. She says you both decided for my life, you didn’t ask me once, why. He says I didn’t wish to become a reason for your marriage destruction. She says you ruined my career, your sacrifice was useless, goodbye.

Shashank gets down the car. She thinks why….. and cries. Anjali says after mom’s death, dad and I were alone and Juhi came back into his life, dad got his happiness back, he didn’t understand that I didn’t come out of pain, I also needed him. Vardaan holds her hand. He says I m not Shashank and Juhi’s fans, I feel you are comparing two different relations. She says you are also supporting dad, tell me, is there any magical door in the luxury ward, you disappeared there. He laughs and says I m not a big magician, you joke well. She says you are joking now by supporting them. He says my support and love are just for my fav people, you know who is my fav doctor in Sanjivani. She smiles and goes. He worries.

Sid thanks Ishani. She asks why you are welcome. He says I recovered soon because of you, I got a small gift for you. She says thanks, you are welcome. He asks are you fine. She smiles. She says I m sure the gift will be nice. He helps her open the gift. He shows the cute little sand clock. He says I will always be with you. He goes dancing. She smiles. Vardaan brings a patient to the luxury ward. He asks the girl what happened, Rahul is waiting for her, if she isn’t ready, then they can get someone once. He asks her to think again, she can’t leave that room until Rahul wants. The girl signs the form. Ishani is in the washroom. She says no, I can’t fall in love, it’s just biology. Sid walks in.

She gets shocked. Sid says sorry and goes. She opens the door and says, Dr. Sid… She laughs. He sees her makeup accessories. She looks at him and sees the butterfly again. Anjali comes to Vardaan. He gets tensed. Ishani gets nervous. Sid says its enough, tell me, what’s your problem, why are you behaving strangely with me, wait.

Ishani asks what are you doing. He gets close to her and gets her eyelash off her face. He asks her to make a wish. He asks her to be kiddish. He says don’t stare at me, close your eyes and make a wish. She asks what shall I ask. He says any dream you want to complete. She closes her eyes and thinks of Sid. He says ask your heart whom it loves the most, ask for that. She opens eyes and sees him.

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