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The Frontliner 24 August 2021: The Episode starts with Ishani seeing Sid and smiling. Music plays…..She sees a butterfly. He asks are you ready to hear my nonsense. Ishani says fine, say nonsense. He asks her to be somewhat angry, so you promised. She says I was scared, I felt I lost you. He holds her and says I won’t go easily. He takes her help to get up. He asks won’t you get angry if I hold you. She says no. He says if I knew, I would have called goons first and got beaten up, so that you save me from death, sorry. He asks for a hug. She smiles and nods. He opens his arms. She hugs him. Rishabh comes and looks on.

Shashank comes to the hospital. He sees Juhi in the parking lot and says you are right. She says you have said right, sorry I was wrong, this surgery will also happen under your supervision. He says we have to work as one team. She asks him to park his car. She hits his car and says sorry, I had vented out the burden from my heart. She smiles and goes. Rishabh asks if your love drama is over, shall I take my resident. Sid says this isn’t romance, but friendship. Ishani says I can’t assist you. Rishabh says you have to come with me, we need residents, Juhi gave your cases to me, don’t fight now. Sid says you are a cheap man, but a good doctor, so I have no problem, don’t trick my patients for money.

Rishabh says it’s called fees. He asks Ishani to go fast. Sid says I m fine. Ishani says you aren’t fine. Rishabh sends her and thinks I will see how Ishani comes here again. He says Sid, tell me if you are missing Ishani, I will send her, your mum is busy, you need someone to look after you. Rishabh’s dad comes with food. Sid says I m an illegitimate, I feel bad for you, you have a dad and still, you leave like an orphan. He apologizes to Kaka.

Shashank and Juhi operate Nandini. Nandini says I trust you both. Shashank asks Nandini not to worry. He says I promised your Devdas and laughs. Ishani sees the clock. Tu hi meri …..plays. She says I will give medicines to Sid and come. Rishabh says no need. He asks the nurse to give medicines to Sid. Juhi says you were right, this surgery isn’t right for Nandini. Shashank says we will do it another way. He guides Juhi. Juhi looks at Shashank. He says it’s done, thank you, doctor, good job. Ishani asks Asha to take care of Sid. Rishabh comes to send Ishani again. Ishani checks the patient. She thinks of Sid. The patient corrects her. Asha asks Sid to rest. She shows his stitch bleeding. She says you are a good doctor, but a bad patient. He says I will stitch it myself. She says I will send Ishani.

Ishani tells Sid’s story to the patient. The patient shuts their ears while she goes on talking. She sees time and runs to Sid. The nurse says his dressing is going on. Rishabh signs Ishani to go. Ishani waits. A lady asks Ishani to wait outside. Ishani asks why this queue. The lady says we have to visit the doctor. Ishani asks Asha why is Sid opening a clinic here. Asha says I will manage, you go to Rishabh. Ishani says all the files are done. Rishabh says very nicely. She says my shift is over, I can give you more cases.

Asha comes and says Ishani looks tired and sick, let her go, I will assist you. Ishani acts to vomit. Rishabh says take her. Ishani goes. She sees Sid and feels her heartbeat again. She sees the butterfly. Guddu calls her Pareshani. Sid says she is Ishani…. what happened. Ishani asks did they take medicines. Sid says yes. She thinks my heart is beating again seeing you, why. She goes out and sees the nurse. She says nothing is happening. She goes back to Sid and sees butterfly again. She smiles. Sid asks what happened.

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