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The Frontliner 25 August 2021: The Episode starts with Ishani going out and saying my heart is beating faster, my hands are sweating, what’s happening to me. Sid comes to her. She asks him not to come close and talk from far. He asks what happened to you. She says stay there. She smiles seeing the butterfly. He looks at her and asks okay. She says what’s this disease, such symptoms. He asks are you okay, stop playing this game, you can challenge me later. 

[Starlife] The Frontliner update Wednesday 25 August 2021

Ishani runs and collides with Asha. Asha asks did they see any ghosts. Ishani says I will come in two mins. She falls over Sid. Naye naye naina….plays… Asha smiles. Ishani and Sid smile. Ishani imagines them dancing. Sid asks what happened to you, why are you behaving strangely. Ishani says I have to get ECG done, I think I have heart disease, come fast. She asks Sid to look there. Sid smiles.

Ishani says how can this happen, my heart beats faster when I see Sid, what if this is serious. Asha and Aman laugh. Aman asks shall we tell her what’s her disease. Asha asks him to enjoy the drama. Ishani sees the ECG report and says perfect, I m okay. She goes. They laugh. Nurse says I have seen you performing surgery together after 15 years, it’s like a dream come true. Shashank says she is right, it’s magic to work with you again.

Juhi recalls and asks who is the reason for this, me or you. He says it’s my mistake, I did what I felt right, it was wrong for you, I m sorry, you can punish me, I accept it. She says I can’t punish you, my boss and colleagues are imps, I respect them. He says I also respect you. She recalls Juhi’s words. She says after hearing Anjali, I have nothing to hear. She goes. Days pass. Sid gets up to walk. Ishani comes and holds her. She feels the same again and thinks to get a check-up done. She asks Aman and Neil to check the monitor well. Aman smiles. Days pass.

Ishani writes her symptoms. Sid laughs watching tv. He messages Ishani. She sees his name and sees the butterfly again. She laughs watching the video. She says I have to write the symptoms to know the problem. She takes care of Sid. She imagines a moment. Main pareshaan….plays…. She goes to Shashank and tells her symptoms.

Shashank laughs and makes a paper plane of her ECG. He throws it and laughs. She sees Sid and just sees them dancing. She holds her head. She stays with Sid and smiles. Days pass. Sid recovers. Everyone claps for him. Aman and Rahil hug him. They ask for a party. Ishani says I can plan a party. Asha says Ishani is excited, let her plan, our house is big, we will party there. Everyone claps. Ishani sees Sid and smiles. Neil gets a butterscotch cake. She says Sid likes Belgium chocolate, how did you get it.

Aman says but Asha likes butterscotch. Ishani says you ruined my party, I will go and open the door, it would be Sid. Rahil comes. Everyone laughs. Rahil says it’s me. Ishani waits for Sid. Rahil says Ishani didn’t understand her disease, shall we tell her that she is in love. Asha says it’s love, true love, let’s enjoy. Ishani says this time, it would be Sid. She goes and sees Preeti and Samaira. Asha says Sid has come. She jokes. Sid comes.

Asha says Sid has really come. Ishani says I know he didn’t come, I don’t care. Aman says he has come, the party’s chief guest, our Sanjivani’s hero. Ishani sees Sid and smiles. Asha says this happens when you are with Sid. Ishani says you aren’t understanding. Asha says you are in love with Sid. Ishani recalls Sid and is shocked.

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