The Frontliners September Teasers 2021: Ishani chooses to demonstrate Sid’s blamelessness while Rahil assists her with discovering reality.

[Starlife] The Frontliners September Teasers 2021

Wednesday 1 September 2021 

Episode 60 

A crushed Ishani begins to hyperventilate in the wake of finding out about Asha’s pregnancy, while Sid tears separated a photograph of him with Ishani.

Episode 61

Ishani follows a baffling hooded stranger. She later figures out how to reveal his personality.

Thursday 2 September 2021 

Episode 62

Ishani is amazed to learn Dr. Aman is the baffling outsider. While Shashank and Juhi make arrangements together, Ishani is left dumbstruck by reality.

Episode 6

Ishani learns reality with regards to Sid and Asha’s circumstances and sees him with another regard. Afterward, he saves her life as she stifles in a lift.

Friday 3 September 2021 

Episode 64

Sid apologizes to Ishani yet she offers a stunning expression about their relationship. Somewhere else, Vardhan discloses his abhorrent arrangement to a surprising accessory.

Episode 65

Sid and Ishani battle with their affections for one another while Juhi imparts her insight with Anjali. Afterward, a scared Ishani is held at knifepoint.

Saturday 4 September 2021 

Episode 66

Sid is approached to assume control over a high-profile case from Shashank while Vardhan hatches a shrewd arrangement. Afterward, Ishani is pleased after getting a letter from Sid.

Episode 67 

Shashank educates Sid to get ready for a significant medical procedure while Vardhan promises to attack it. Afterward, Ishani urges Sid to help his confidence.

Sunday 5 September 2021 

Episode 68

Asha offers prasad to Sid before a critical activity while Vardhan is intrigued by her demonstration. Afterward, Sid becomes shaky during the activity.

Episode 69

Ishani frantically attempts to save Sid from columnists and the police. While an incensed Shashank suspends Sid, Asha is stunned by Vardhan’s admission.

Monday 6 September 2021 

Episode 70

Afterward, Ishani understands a stunning truth subsequent to propelling Sid for his gathering.

Episode 71

With his profession at Sanjivani in question, Sid tensely anticipates the gathering. Afterward, Ishani does the unimaginable when Guddu is going to meet with a mishap.

Tuesday 7 September 2021 

Episode 72

Ishani attempts to save Sid’s profession with a quick move. Afterward, the board individuals settle on a choice through a democratic framework.

Episode 73

Sid shows up at Ishani’s home to say thanks to her, and they get to know each other. Afterward, Vardhan insults Sid while a paralyzed Ishani goes up against Asha.

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