The Frontliners 9 August 2021: The Frontliners update Monday 9th August 2021 The Episode starts with the man scolding everyone and asking them to see his son’s state. Ishani asks the man to keep the gun down. The boy faints. The man says forgive me, doctor, save my son, you would also have a father, you would be forgiving your father too. Ishani and Sid look on. Aman is with a patient Arindam. He jokes on Neil. Rishabh scolds them for behaving like college kids. 

Aman says I went on a picnic with my uncle and eaten Sushi, I had some infection. Neil and Aman argue. Rishabh says brilliant, you all diagnosed the case, get the CT scan done. Asha says your patient has come, Sid has taken him for treatment. Rishabh says thanks, follow me. Asha asks Aman to come with her. The man asks Sid to cure his son. Ishani says the boy had lead poisoning, the medicines aren’t affecting him, maybe we missed something.

Sid says he is a growing kid, we should take fresh x-rays. Rishabh says lead poisoning needs one year for removal from the body. Asha and Ishani argue. Juhi comes. She asks Asha to go home. She says Asha, Ishani and Sid have worked a lot, they should rest. Sid says we aren’t tired. Juhi says have a good sleep, Rishabh will manage here. Ishani says something is missing in this case. Sid says it’s good to order, we should party hard. Ishani says I feel something was missing. Sid says maybe some people are going mad by a lack of sleep. Ishani says anyone will go mad if you are the senior. Asha laughs. Ishani says just shut up. Asha says we will have fun tonight, we are free. Sid says lets party, we should drop Ishani home. Ishani says I don’t want to party, my fav work is sleep, you both just go.

Some girls come there and beat Sid. Asha asks what happened. Sid says relax, this doesn’t suit you. Asha says I wish Sid was dating me. The girl asks you remember my name. Ishani records and smiles. Neil says I think this boy has swallowed a plastic toy. He asks the boy did he swallow any plastic. The boy asks where am I. Rishabh says his dad is mad, he will come, take him for MRI. The boy says you were taking me for the test, call my dad. Neil says his memory is coming and going. Rishabh asks him to take the boy for MRI. Neil sees an injured man there and feels nausea. Aman says I will take the boy for the test. Neil says phones aren’t allowed in the MRI room. Aman gives his phone. Aman says you have to fight me first. Ishani says don’t fight for this guy, he is a liar, clever, and fraud. Sid says she means you girls deserve a better guy, who does everything for you, one who gives you happiness, you feel safe in his arms, really sorry, I mean it, I really like you and you, and you also, how can I give one heart to you. The girls argue.

Ishani asks are you mad, this guy is very cheap, he isn’t husband material, go away first. The girl says Dr. Sid, I will become your wife. She signs him to shoot. Ishani recalls the man aiming the gun. The girls go. Sid says thanks, they had become poison for me, Ishani saved me. Ishani says we have to go in. Sid asks why, we shall chill now. Ishani says come fast, the boy had swallowed a bullet. Asha says it means if he is put in an MRI machine… Sid says his body will explode. Aman asks the boy to wear earplugs. Sid announces, stop the MRI room activity, right now. Neil hears Sid and gets up. Neil sees blood and faints. Aman stops and goes to the boy. He says I forgot to ask your dad, did you have any metal tooth or any metal in bone, don’t lie, else… The boy signs no. Asha, Sid, and Ishani remove their watch, metal rings, etc. They rush in and ask Aman to stop the machine. Aman asks what happened.

They take the boy out of the machine. Rishabh asks what happened. Ishani says the boy has swallowed the bullets, the MRI magnets might have exploded his body. She asks Rishabh didn’t observe this before, there is a lead source going in his body. She asks the boy did he swallow any bullet from his dad’s gun, say the truth. Sid asks her not to scare the boy. He says it’s okay, I had swallowed a one rupee coin after stealing it from my mum’s purse, I had such terrible stomach ache, I told the truth to my mum. The boy asks then.

Sid says then my mom scolded me and took me to the doctor, she got me candy too, I m sure your dad will scold you first, but he will be happier that you got well, we are your friends, tell me, did you swallow anything. Aman says I asked him, he refused. The boy says yes, my brother and I had a bet, he asked me to swallow a bullet. Rishabh asks Ishani to prepare him for surgery. Asha says her shift is over. Rishabh says I can’t go against Juhi, you guys leave, I will manage with these two cartoons. Sid says Neil is here. They see Neil fainted.

Sid, Asha, and Ishani come to a disco. Ishani says it’s so noisy, what’s this party. Sid says this party is for you, happy birthday to you. Sid and Asha sing the happy birthday song. Ishani says it’s not my birthday. Asha says yes, you had your birthday. Ishani sees the cake. Asha asks her to blow the candle first and then cut the cake. Ishani says I didn’t celebrate a birthday for many years. Sid asks her to make a special wish. Ishani blows the candle. Aman, Rahil, and Neil come and shout surprise. Rahil says you had this wish and it’s fulfilled. Neil says much lead was extracted from the boy’s digestive system. Ishani asks is fine. Neil says yes. Sid says cheers to Ishani for her birthday and for saving that boy.

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