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The Frontliners 14 August 2021: The Frontliners update Saturday 14th August 2021 Asha saying you are very talented, none can judge you on your parents’ deeds. Ishani says you feel so, everyone hates me. Aman comes and asks who hates you, see even Preeti wants to support you. Preeti says I will always stand for you. Sid asks Rishabh why did you fix those posters. Rishabh asks what are you saying, Sid. Sid says stop acting, just you can do this, tell me why, you can do anything, I will prove my innocence. 

Rishabh says sorry to say, you can get Ishani back in your team when she is in Sanjivani. Preeti asks Ishani to have coffee. Ishani asks won’t you judge me because of your parents. Asha says no, we are the Sanjivani family here. Aman says you are right, you can backbite about Sid, even then we will stand by you. Asha says you can take all good cases. Ishani holds her hand and cries.

Shashank asks how did he slap my daughter. Juhi says he slapped Ishani also, they are crying for the baby who wasn’t there, their hope died today. They see Rajat and Meenakshi crying. Juhi says you got angry knowing someone slapped Anjali, if you learn to express love to Anjali, your problem will get solved. He says I feel good that you know about my family, but you hide everything about yourself, how is Dr. Rahul. She gets silent.

Rishabh says the petition is filed, everyone signed to make Ishani out. Sid asks what. Rishabh sees Ishani at the door and says I can’t sign the petition, why are you doing this, you pasted the posters and got her insulted, now you want to file this petition. Sid asks what are you saying. He sees Ishani at the door. He says listen to me, what happened to you. Ishani says you give wound and then ask the reason, I did the mistake of trusting you. Sid says I didn’t make the petition. She says stay away from me pls. She goes.

Rishabh says I m Shani in your Kundli, I m the best. Sid says you don’t have the talent to become the best, you aren’t better than me. He throws papers and goes. Juhi asks Anjali to forget the matter. She says we are doctors. Vardaan says you mean to say, Anjali is overreacting. Juhi says if we take action against the man, it won’t solve the problem. Vardaan says we will resolve the matter in court. Anjali says ask me what I want. Ishani comes. Vardaan says we will file a case on the man who attacked you, we want your consent. Ishani says I don’t want to file any complaint. Anjali says it’s good, no lawyer will take our case seeing your parents’ records. Juhi says if you don’t want to take any action, you may leave. Ishani goes. Rishabh says this should have not happened, you can join my team if you want, I spoke to Juhi and stopped the petition against you, your job is safe. She says thanks, I will try not to break your trust. He says I believe you, go through Veronica’s case. He goes.

Vardaan says yes, our case will fall weak if Ishani’s name is involved, Anjali’s record is crystal clear, I have decided, I will hire best lawyer to defend my best surgeon. He holds Anjali’s hand. Shashank comes and makes him away. He asks Anjali are you fine. Vardaan says she isn’t fine, so we are taking legal action against that man. Shashank asks him why are you answering. Anjali says it’s our decision. Shashank says I know wrong has happened with you, but there is a reason, you will get your answers. Rajat comes. He apologizes. He says we got happiness after many years when we knew…. He cries and asks do you have children. Anjali says no. He says you would be having parents, you would know, parents can do anything to save children, there wasn’t any baby, forgive me. She asks him to stop crying. She says I won’t take any action against you. Juhi smiles.

Sid says Ishani, I don’t want you to join any other team, come back, I didn’t fix the posters, it’s a trick to separate us. She asks when were we together, I decided and now you have nothing to do with it. She goes. Rishabh asks why are you eager to get her on your team. Sid says you are cheap. Rishabh argues. Sid gets angry. Ishani sees them and runs to stop Sid. She asks him not to vent anger on others. She says I can handle myself. She says Dr. Rishabh, I hope you are okay. He says yes, I got saved, thanks. She goes. He says this is just the start. Sid goes. He thinks I have to prove that I didn’t do this. Rishabh says I wanted Sid to punch me so that I make him out of Sanjivani. Ishani says Veronica has come, she has chest pain and bleeding in cough. Rishabh says yes, we couldn’t diagnose her problem, my medicines helped her, you are junior, just follow my orders, I don’t want your advice. She asks how will I learn if you don’t clear my doubts, Dr. Sid… He says you are missing him, you can join him if you want, Veronica is a golden hen for me, I can’t let her go, I was joking. She says you should be eager to know the problem. He says you keep your doubts to yourself. She says yes.

She gets a message and goes to the ambulance. She says yes, Dr. Rishabh. Sid turns to her. She asks what’s this joke, where is Rishabh, you messaged from his phone, stop the ambulance, you cheat always, why did you become a doctor. Sid says you have to talk to me. She asks are you kidnapping me, I will jump down the ambulance. Sid signs her to go ahead. She says stop it, I will complain to Shashank. Rahil stops the ambulance. She slaps Sid.

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