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The Good Son 16 July 2021: The Good Son update Friday 16th July 2021 Vedant asking his family to reject the phone calls and not to panic. Someone throws a parcel through the window. Ramesh asks everyone to back off and says there can be bomb in it. Vedant asks Purva to take Dadi to room. Dadi says no. Vedant picks the parcel carefully and opens the envelope. He finds a box inside and opens it. He finds the fuse of his house. Just then Ramesh’s call rings. 

MP calls Ramesh and asks if his son liked the trailor which he sent. Vedant asks him to talk to him directly. MP says if the money don’t reach me before sunset, then a big dhamaka will happen. He says I want Tripathi family to have a peaceful sleep. Ramesh asks Vedant to call Agarwal and says only he can give us money in such a short span. Vedant calls Soham. Narendra asks who is Soham? Ramesh says his friend DSP.

Soham comes to Vedant’s house. DSP Soham tells him that he needs proofs to arrest MP Chokas. Vedant asks what to do, shall I give money to him. Soham says what to do. Ramesh asks Vedant to hear what his friend said. Vedant asks Ramesh to make him meet Chokas. Vedant makes arrangements to capture Chokas asking for money. Purva says she will not let him do this, and says Chokas is very dangerous and you are a doctor.

Vedant says once he gets proof then Chokas will be jailed. Ramesh asks Vedant not to do anything wrong. They go inside and meet Chokas. Ramesh greets him calling him bhaiyya ji. Chokas asks Vedant to have food. Vedant says he is in a hurry and says lets talk about work. Chokas asks him to sit. Vedant refuses. Chokas’s man asks him to have food. Chokas slaps him.

Vedant sits, and says I can’t pay you fully today for your money demand. Chokas signs his man to check Vedant and he finds Vedant’s phone. Vedant is shocked. Chokas deletes the video and asks what you wanted to say. Vedant says I am very sorry for whatever happened in the hospital and apologizing to you. Chokas asks did you bring money? Vedant gives the money.

Chokas’s man counts the money and says it is just 5 lakhs. Chokas asks if he forgot about the other Zero. Vedant says he don’t have money and his hospital run on Dadaji’s siddhant. Chokas asks him to give money by evening else all family members will be punished. Dr. Agarwal comes to Vedant and offers him 50 lakhs. Vedant says so you are with them. Dr. Agarwal asks him to rethink, and says today I am asking partnership, but I will get fully. Vedant says you are stooping low.

Dr. Agarwal says you have the treasure and tells that if you don’t want to loot then others will do. Chokas’ man beats up Vedant badly. Chokas tells Ramesh that he don’t want to do this, but his son put hand on his business. Ramesh says he is not my son and leaves injured Vedant there itself. He comes home. Dadi asks where is Vedant? Vedant comes home injured. Dadi asks how did this happen? Ramesh says he tried to do sting operation and got beaten up. Vedant says Chokas and Agarwal are together, they want me to take money from Agarwal and let him take over the hospital. He asks Ramesh why he was not surprised and asks if he knows everything.

Ramesh asks him not to use his mind and says they came home alive due to his friendship with Chokas. He says we have to agree to Chokas. Vedant says two constables are outside. Ramesh says Constables can’t handle his goons. Everyone is afraid of Chokas. Purva says we shall give the money. Vedant says this hospital and family are my responsibility andI won’t let anything happen to anyone. Radhika applies medicine on Vedant’s injury. He smiles. Radhika asks him to do it himself and goes. Pankhudi says she will apply ointment, but Purva takes the medicine and says she will do it. Pankhudi gets upset as Purva applies ointment to Vedant.

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