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The Good Son Friday 8 October 2021 update: The Good Son update Friday 8th October 2021 The Episode starts with Pankhudi telling Purva that she will give her a chance. She says I will tell you about my plan and asks her to save herself, whispers something in her ears. Purva gets shocked and says you can’t do this, this is the wrong pankhu. Pankhudi asks her to call her Mrs. Pankhudi Vedant Tripathi. Purva comes to Dadi. Manjula says Amma is not well. 

Purva asks if they called Vedant. Manjula says no, Amma will be fine with rest. Dadi asks if she wants to say something. Purva says I can’t tell Dadi as she is already unwell and goes from the room. She comes out and asks Vedant if she can come with him. Vedant says you are my PA and shall reach the hospital before me and do the work.

Pankhudi comes and asks her to sit on the backside. She thinks Purva has become silent and weak since I told her about my plan. Purva thinks about how to tell him and thinks only God can help her. Vedant stops the car seeing Parvati Ji’s stuff falling down. He offers to drop her at her house. Devi Parvati says you are a doctor and your patients must be waiting for you and ask him to go. Vedant signs Purva to come out and asks her to drop her at her house. He goes with Pankhudi. Devi Parvati asks why she is looking sad.

Purva tells Parvati Ji that she was taught in childhood how to overcome difficulties. Parvati Ji asks her to tell what is in her heart? Purva says my sister has challenged me that she will take my husband on the wrong path and wants to have a relation with him so that she can malign his respect. Parvati Ji says evil can’t defeat a good person. Purva says you said right, a good person will never let the bad person come to him. Mahadev comes in the car and Parvati Ji leaves with him. Pankhudi and Vedant come to the hospital and see a patient who gets hysterical and refuses treatment by the male doctor.

Vedant asks Pankhudi to handle this patient. Purva comes there and says someone from Kaali pharma company came. Vedant and Pankhudi meet Alakshmi as sales representatives from Kaali Pharma company. She tells that the company is launching a medicine that can be used to handle the patients’ moods. Vedant says it is not approved and side effects are not written on it. Alakshmi asks him to use it and give feedback. Vedant says drugs shall be tested in the research centers and not on patients. Pankhudi looks at Alakshmi. Alakshmi looks at her and goes out. Pankhudi says she needs to make an urgent call and goes.

Purva tells Vedant that you can’t do anything wrong and tells that when she helped the lady, she made her realized that she shall not fear. Pankhudi takes Alakshmi to the room and asks her to show the sample. Alakshmi shows the sample. Pankhudi asks if this drug is used on the person then will it be effective. Alakshmi tells that this is SM Mohan, sammohan. She goes. A ward boy comes and asks for the file. Pankhudi gives him the file. Meanwhile, a hospital cleaning staff comes there and takes the trash from there. Pankhudi checks for the sample and runs out think this must be in the trash. She checks in the trash bin and gets the sample. Vedant comes there with Purva and Sanju and asks what happened? Pankhudi puts the sample inside her sleeve and tells that she had lost her engagement ring in her cabin and that’s why searched in the trash bin and got it. Sanju gets impressed and happy, tells Vedant that Pankhudi loves me so much.

Parvati scolds Lakshmi for giving sammohan/hypnotism medicine to Pankhudi. Alakshmi tells that when Mahadev can drink the vish on earth then why can’t she give the fish to humans. Parvati Ji says there is a difference. Pankhudi gives the medicine to the Patient and she gets in hypnotize effect. Purva comes there and asks if she gives the medicine to this patient. She says she will get the patient’s blood test done. Pankhudi says I will tell Vedant that you gave her medicine and put blame on me. Purva is shocked seeing how Pankhudi is controlling the patient.

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