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The Good Son 14 June 2021: The Episode starts with the patient’s husband asking Vedant about his wife. Vedant says his team don’t want him to do the operation as he drove the car all night and haven’t slept since 3 days. He says Dr. Asthana will do your wife’s delivery and I will be there. Patient’s husband says you are like family member and gave us hope and says trust don’t build up in a day.

Vedant says it breaks in a moment. Patient’s husband asks Vedant to save his wife and baby. Vedant comes to the OT and thinks of Purva. Dr. Rashmi and Dr. Asthana sign him to operate. Vedant operates on the patient to do her delivery. Sumiti tells Manjula that Vedant returned and went to hospital. She asks where is Purva? Manjula tells that she will make sweets for her. Sumiti taunts about Purva’s character. Manjula says she is bahu of the house now and is good. Dadi comes and scolds Sumiti, and asks Manjula to give necklace for Purva. Manjula says it is with Ramesh.

Dadi asks where is he? Vedant saves the patient and her baby. Patient’s husband gets happy and thanks him. Vedant says baby’s smile is like you. Patient’s husband blesses vedant and his wife and says your baby’s smile will be like you. Vedant is shocked and walks away from there thinking about Ramesh’s scolding and hatred. Dr. Rashmi comes to him and gives him coffee. She says I am feeling great to work with the best gynaec. Vedant thanks her and starts walking. He faints and falls down. Dr. Rashmi gets worried.

Dadi tells Ramesh that Purva is having the right on that necklace. Ramesh is about to raise hand on Manjula, but Dadi stops him and asks him to give the necklace. Ramesh tells that only Sanju’s wife will have that necklace and not anybody else. Vedant gains consciousness on the hospital bed and sees Purva. He gets up happily. She asks if he is feeling good. He sees Dr. Rashmi standing and not Purva and says sorry. Dr. Asthana comes and asks him to have 24 hours bed rest and then work. Dr. Rashmi says she will cancel his appointments for tomorrow.

Vedant comes home with his bag. He thinks of Purva’s words that she is not returning. Dadi comes there and asks when you will stop entering the house like a thief. She gives toffee to him. Sanju and Radhika asks what he brought? Vedant says he wants to talk to Dadi. He says he couldn’t bring Purva back. Dadi says Purva is waiting for you in the room.

Vedant happily goes there. Purva gives him divorce papers and says she has signed. Vedant says why did you come back then? Purva says your attitude…and says whatever you have told to the reporter was wrong. She blames him for keeping train tickets and says you thought to give me an option. Vedant says whatever I did is for you.

Purva says you didn’t give me a chance to say bye, you became hero and made me villain. She asks why did you leave the train ticket. Vedant says as I wanted you to return. Purva says now what? She says we are different from each other. Your Dadi and others say that you are Ram, but I am not Sita, but today’s girl. She asks how he will handle their relation. Manjula asks Ramesh to give necklace to Purva and says she is elder bahu. Ramesh slaps her and says Vedant is not son and she is not bahu. Bua and Gomti tell that she had an affair with someone. Ramesh says he will not let her stay.

Vedant is silent and thinking of Purva’s words. He imagines Dadu asking him to ask Purva to go. Vedant says I asked her to go. He says he got all incomplete relations and has been fighting daily to make it complete. Dadu advices him to make love bridge made between family members and Purva to make it complete. He comes to his room. Lal Ishq plays…He looks at Purva as she is sleeping and turns his face. He covers blanket on her legs, but she moves her legs. He covers towel on her legs. He then takes it and covers her legs with blanket.

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