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The Good Son 19 July 2021: The Good Son update Monday 19th July 2021 The Episode starts with people protesting against Dr. Vedant outside Jeevan rekha hospital. Reporter asks who will give statement. Soham comes there. Reporter asks about Vedant. Soham says I can’t tell. Pankhudi tells Vedant that she knows that Dr. Rashmi is lying and asks him to tell what happened in the store room. She asks why is he silent and reminds him that Jeevan Rekha is of his Dada ji and asks if he will let go of his reputation without coming there. Soham comes inside and switches on the TV. They watch news and Vedant and Rashmi’s fake conversation. Chokas asks Ramesh if he didn’t think of his family before taking revenge on Vedant. Ramesh smiles. Agarwal says nobody can save him. Ramesh smirks. He comes home and tells everyone that he knows that bad blood will show effect. He says he has identified him rightly. 

Dadi’s condition deteriorates. Purva watches the news and says he can’t do this. Pankhudi asks Vedant to say and says Rashmi is taking revenge on him. Vedant tells that Dr. Rashmi came to the storeroom. He apologizes to her for his behavior and says I am stressed since few days and asks if she will help him destress. She tears her clothes suddenly and shouts asking him not to do this. Vedant is shocked. Fb ends. He tells that he saw something else in her eyes. Soham gets a call and tells that he has to arrest him. Pankhudi objects. Vedant asks her to do her work. Dadi is brought to the hospital in critical condition. Vedant gets worried and asks what happened? Manjula says she heard about you. Vedant asks Dadi to trust on him. Soham tells Vedant that he is trapped badly, and can’t be bailed out. Vedant says Dr. Rashmi can’t do this with her wish and doubts on Agarwal and Chokas. Purva comes to meet Vedant. Vedant looks at her. Song plays….

Purva touches his hand. Vedant says you are here? Purva says I saw news about your arrest. Vedant says it is good that you are leaving. Purva says I am going to hospital for Dadi and keep his bitter words to himself until everything gets fine. Vedant says new job and new life is waiting for you. Purva says I will not go until you come out, and says we are breaking relation, and not the friendship. Vedant says this politics is bad. Purva says when I was arrested, you freed me. She says time has come to cash the thank you. Soham comes their and shows the news. They watch Ramesh telling that he is ashamed of Vedant and snatches Tripathi’s surname from Vedant and takes hospital and home from him. Sanju and Gomti smiles. Vedant says these things will not affect me, as it is a long fight. Purva leaves.

Chokas and Agarwal praise Ramesh for his clever conspiracy. Chokas says you became great and kicked out Agarwal. Ramesh says hospital is ours now and says he has blank papers with Vedant’s sign. Purva comes to hospital. Gomti asks why did you come here? Purva says I need to stay with Dadi as my husband is not here. Gomti says Ramesh forbidden Vedant from our family.

Narendra tells Sumiti that Maa will feel better seeing Purva. Sumiti says I will do something. She asks Gomti to see the guy who went that guy. Gomti agrees. Narendra signs Purva to go and meet Dadi. Purva comes inside the ward. Dadi gets happy seeing her and says this happened since lakshmi left. Purva says modern dadi, what are you saying. She tells that she will free Vedant and promises her. Gomti comes and asks Purva to leave, and says Pankhudi told that you are with Dadi. Purva comes to Pankhudi and asks why did she tell Gomti about her. She asks why didn’t you tell me about Vedant’s arrest and says I am still his wife. Pankhudi says sorry.

Sanju and Ramesh come to hospital wearing suits and ask all hospital staff members to come to conference room. Narendra asks Ramesh where was he? Ramesh goes to the conference room and tells that they have kicked Vedant from the hospital and says whoever has objection can leave. He says now free food and enjoyment is not allowed. Everyone leaves. Pankhudi also leaves. Ramesh asks Sanju to ask Pankhudi and Purva to leave. Sanju gets tensed. Purva thinks to get Rashmi’s address from staff holder’s data file. She comes to the administration office and gets Rashmi’s data from the computer. Ramesh thinks what she is doing here. Purva leaves. Ramesh checks the computer and sees Rashmi’s profile. He calls someone and tells that Purva is going to meet Rashmi and she shall not know anything. Sanju comes to Pankhudi and takes her magazine. Pankhudi asks him to save her job. Sanju asks her to marry him. Pankhudi asks him to make his papa agree for her job. Sanju says challenge accepted.

Purva and Pankhudi meet each other wearing burqa. Pankhudi says she can do anything for Vedant. Goons see them going to Dr. Rashmi’s house and think them as the patient. Pankhudi asks constables to let them go and tell that her sister is pregnant. They come inside and ask Rashmi to tell what happened actually. Rashmi asks them to leave. Dr. Agarwal calls her and asks about Purva. Rashmi tells that she didn’t come here and asks her not to do anything to her brother. Purva rings the bell and says she forgot her purse. She comes inside and takes her purse, looks at Rashmi’s brother pic and leaves. Dr. Rashmi cries. Purva brings the recorded proof to Soham. Soham says this is not enough. Purva says she will go and search Rohan. Soham says where they could have kept Rohan.

Vedant says they will keep Rohan right infront of them. Purva says Agarwal’s hospital. Vedant says right. Purva says she will be careful. Vedant holds her hand and says I don’t want you to do this. Purva says now it is my turn, have trust. Vedant asks if she is settling scores. Purva says I don’t keep up the favors. Ramesh searches papers in his almari. He shouts Manjula’s name and asks her about the papers. Manjula says she doesn’t touch his things and says you are doing wrong. Ramesh says I shall get that paper by evening and goes. Manjula takes out papers from under the bed mattress and cries.

Purva comes to hospital and hears Dr. Agarwal talking to someone about the organ transplant of a boy and asks for 1 crore. She sees the staff room and goes there. Vedant gets worried and asks Soham to let him go out somehow. Soham says he can go to hospital if he is unwell or injured. Purva wears nurse uniform and comes to the ward where Rohan is kept captive and tied. She unties the rope and frees him. Vedant and the other doctor is coming there, and talk about the kidney transplant operation. Dr. Agarwal gets a phone call and goes talking. Purva hides from his sight. Ramesh is coming to the hospital.

Purva and Rohan are leaving. Ramesh tells that their idea is working because of that boy. Agarwal says he is in ICU and takes him but they see boy missing. Ramesh asks Agarwal to search boy and says I have to hide. The goons come infront of Purva and Rohan and make them smell chloroform. Pankhudi comes to Vedant and tells that Ramesh has taken over the hospital and have set new rules. She says Di doesn’t believe you. Vedant says she believes me and says Purva is in danger. He asks her to do something. Pankhudi says ok. Vedant hits himself on to the wall. Pankhudi shouts. Soham and others come there. Soham calls for ambulance. Pankhudi thinks Vedant risked his life for Di. Vedant gets unconscious.

Soham takes him to Agarwal’s hospital. Agarwal asks what happened? Pankhudi tells that such things happens in jail. She comes to Vedant and tells him that plan is ready, she is going to search Soham. She comes to the ward and sees Purva unconscious. She asks her to gain consciousness and finds drugs getting injection to her through IVR. She senses someone coming and hides. Ward boy comes and tells that her blood group matches with that boy, and she will be the kidney transplant victim.

Pankhudi hears them and comes to Vedant. She informs him about seeing Purva. Vedant asks her to give him injection to lower his heartbeat, so that he is taken to ICU. Pankhudi gives him injection unwillingly. She shouts saying patient is sinking. Police team comes there and they take Vedant to ICU. Soham asks Doctor what happened? Doctor says his heart beat is slow, and tells that he will check again after 45 mins. Vedant tells Soham that Purva is captive by Agarwal. Soham says you have 45 mins to bring Purva and the truth. He sends the ward boys away. Vedant and Pankhudi come to the ward, but Purva is not there. Pankhudi tells him if they have taken her for kidney transplant.

Vedant and Pankhudi see Purva in OT. Doctor asks where is Dr. Agarwal and says he will take out the kidney. Other doctor says we shall have tea till he comes. They go to canteen. Vedant and Pankhudi come inside. He says we have 15 mins, and then she will start sinking. Pankhudi says we shall give her antidote. Vedant says we don’t have that much time. They see Agarwal’s goons and hide. Agarwal comes to the ICU and see Purva missing. He scolds his doctors. He asks goons to search Purva. Pankhudi keeps the pillows and asks Vedant to save her, and says she will save Rohan. She tries to run with the stretcher. Agarwal’s doctors and goons think she is escaping with Purva and stop her. Meanwhile Vedant takes Purva out on a stretcher and takes him to Soham’s Police jeep. Soham says I will take her. Vedant says the drugs effect will lower in sometime.

Agarwal asks Pankhudi about Purva. Ramesh messages him that she is Purva’s sister. Agarwal splashes icy water on her face and asks nurse to do the same. Nurse throws icy water on her face and slaps her.

Vedant calls Soham and tells that Pankhudi’s phone was unreachable. He says they have kidnapped her. Soham asks him to tell in detail. Vedant says Agarwal steals organs very cleverly. He tells him that Pankhudi took him to ICU and the ward where four other patients were drugged. Soham says Agarwal will not be saved anymore. Vedant asks about Purva. Soham says she is fine at his house, but she is still in shock.

Dadi asks Narendra to bring Vedant else she will not have food. Narendra says he will come. Dadi says he is arrested on a non-bailable warrant. Sumiti says she told by mistake. Dadi says she will not have food until Vedant returns. Soham tells that Pankhudi and Rohan are untraceable. Vedant says he knows what to do, he says first Rashmi, Rohan, Purva and Pankhudi, they have played with innocence lives.

Agarwal comes to Chokas and Ramesh and says Police was about to raid at his hospital. He asks Ramesh how do you know about all that. Ramesh tells that a criminal was brought to your hospital by Police and asks if he checked the record. He says he was Vedant with the help of his DSP friend. He says Purva came to free Rohan and Vedant came to free Purva. He says Pankhudi got trapped.

Ramesh tells that Vedant don’t have the courage to sacrifice Pankhudi and Rohan’s lives for the hospital and says they will keep them captive and use them for their advantage. Chokas gets a call and asks what nonsense? He plays the video recording, in which Dr. Rashmi tells that she accused Vedant wrongly as Chokas and Agarwal had kidnapped her brother, but now her brother returned and he is safe now. She says if anything happens to anyone then Chokas and Agarwal will be blamed. They watch her interview and get shocked. Dr. Rashmi comes to Vedant in the Police station and apologizes to him. She says you don’t know what you mean to me, but I was forced to do that for my brother. Vedant assures her that he will bring Rohan back. Rashmi cries. Soham says they are tapping the phone.

Chokas calls his goon and asks about Rohan. Goon says Rohan is right infront of him. Vedant and Soham hear them. Chokas says Rashmi doesn’t care about her brother and giving interview risking her brother’s life. Agarwal says we shall shake hands with Rahul. Ramesh recalls getting info from a goon that Vedant went to Agarwal’s hospital as Rahul. He shows him Rahul’s pic and tells that Vedant fooled him. He asks him to call Vedant and call him by his name. Chokas calls Vedant and calls him Rahul first, and then call him Vedant. Vedant says you took wrong name. Chokas asks him to see the alive people video.

Vedant and Soham see Pankhudi and Rohan in captivity. He asks him to meet in 2 hours. Vedant tells Soham that he has to go. Ramesh comes to hospital and asks about Dadi. Doctor says her condition is deteriorating. He meets Dadi and asks her to have something. Dadi refuses until Vedant comes, and says you know that it is fake accusation. Her condition worsens. Vedant comes to Chokas and Agarwal’s place. The goon blindfolds him and breaks his phone. Agarwal asks how will you call your DSP friend. Vedant says I lost. Chokas asks him to sign and says you will be ruined after that. Goon asks Vedant to sign. Vedant takes out his pen and asks first give Rohan and Pankhudi, and says remember if something happens to me then who will sign. Chokas asks goons to bring them. Goon brings Pankhudi and Rohan. Vedant looks at them. Chokas asks Vedant to sign now. Vedant says you have trapped me, but what about Dr. Rashmi’s statement.

Agarwal says Rohan will be with her in sometime and asks him to sign. Vedant says illegal organ transplant shall not happen in my hospital. Agarwal says I will do that in your hospital too, and says you have saved your wife, but I still have them. Vedant signs. Chokas asks goons to leave Pankhudi and Rohan. Agarwal checks his sign and sees it vanishing from paper. He asks goons to kill them.

Chokas slaps Vedant for fooling them with invisible ink. Vedant says cases are increasing on you, plan was good, but I shall be appreciated a bit. He asks them to see today’s breaking news. Agarwal watches news on his laptop, reporter tells that everyone watched how Agarwal tried to get vedant’s hospital from him and tells that Police have saved four patients whose organs were about to be taken out. They get shocked. Vedant shows his pen and says recording is telecasted on TV because of this, and your location is found too. Chokas takes out gun. Police comes and arrests them. Agarwal says I will get your hospital. Vedant says I won’t let your dirty eye fall on my Dada ji’s hospital.

Vedant comes home. Dadi says I am proud of you, you have saved everyone and dada ji’s hospital. Vedant says Vedant haina. Narendra asks him to make Dadi eat. Vedant makes her eat food. Dr. Rashmi meets her brother and says sorry to Vedant. Vedant says not sorry, but happy. He asks her to be happy. Vedant thanks Soham for his help. Soham says I will not doubt on your honesty. He gets a call that Purva is missing. Vedant gets a message and runs to his cabin. He comes to his cabin and sees her. he tells that he was very afraid.

Purva tells that we have much adventure and we shall try something new. She says you think I am very stubborn. Vedant says mazaak hai kya. Purva says last time, I didn’t ask you and asks him to choose this time and forward her hands. Vedant chooses one. Purva smiles and opens her palm. He sees mangalsutra. Purva says you are really good man and have been always supportive, you have accepted me with my past and says she wants to give a chance to their marriage and asks him to make her wear mangalsutra for forever. Vedant makes her wear mangalsutra.

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