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The Good Son update Monday 4th October 2021: The Good Son 4 October 2021 Purva informing Vedant that the timetable and chart are ready. She says today you have 2 operations and 23 patients. His shirt button falls down. Both of them say…again. They bend to pick the button and their head collide. She bends down and picks the button. She takes the sewing box from the drawer. Vedant thinks she knows everything. Purva says she is doing this as a secretary. He looks ok. Pankhudi comes and picks a cockroach from there, getting jealous. She assigns work to Purva and then puts a cockroach near her feet. 

Purva jumps and the needle pierces his skin. He shouts. Purva says sorry. Pankhudi applies ointment. Vedant goes to change his shirt. Vedant and Pankhudi are going to the hospital. Purva sits in the car. Pankhudi asks where are you going, Ms fraud. Purva says we all are going to the same place and asks her to sit. Vedant also asks her to sit. Alakshmi asks Parvati Ji what she is going to do to make her bhakt win. Parvati says my bhakt’s cleverness and true love is just needed. Alakshmi says if Vedant scolds her.

Vedant tells Purva that he was embarrassed due to her and tells that he asked a patient about her pregnancy month, but the patient was her daughter. Purva laughs and says sorry. Vedant asks her not to do such a mistake again. Purva asks shall I serve food and says your anger will become less. She takes out tiffin and keeps it in his hand, then says sorry. She tries to open the box. Vedant opens it. She says she is going out to have tiffin. He asks her to sit there and eat, as Patients are outside. They begin eating food. Dadi asks Vedant to send Purva on a half-day leave. Vedant says ok. He asks Purva to go home and asks her to buy a phone for herself very soon. Pankhudi comes there and says Maa Ji called me for work urgently. Purva says Dadi called me.

Narendra tells Sumiti that Amma gave your sargi to me. Sumiti says she is not going to keep the fast for him. She says she is going out. He asks her to have a regular fast with fruits. She asks for branded saree. He thinks if she can then will change her husband.

Pankhudi and Purva come home. Manjula says they want Pankhudi to keep karwachauth fast for Sanju. Pankhudi asks for whom is this second thaali. Dadi says Purva will keep fast for Vedant. Pankhudi says she doesn’t have the right to take my di’s place. She says Vedant doesn’t accept her as his wife. Dadi says I have trust in her and I gave her permission to keep the fast. Purva thanks Dadi. Alakshmi asks how she will dress up as suhagan. Pankhudi tells Dadi that even if she keeps the fast then also she can’t dress up like a married woman. Dadi asks why? Pankhudi says she has promised Vedant that she will not apply sindoor in her maang until Vedant accepts her as his wife. Alakshmi laughs and says you shouldn’t have given them much liberty. Parvati says their destiny is decided by Mahadev and says Purva’s maang will be filled by Vedant only and asks her to have patience. Dadi comes there and asks her to get Mehendi applied to her hands. Purva says what they will tell that I can keep fast but can’t apply sindoor. Dadi says you have promised him, so have to do. She hugs Dadi and asks why he doesn’t see my true love and seeing my face. Dadi asks her to leave everything on God and come with her.

Alakshmi tells Parvati that her maang is still empty. Parvati Ji says she is hopeful, when there is hope, there is a miracle. Alakshmi asks what she will do now? Parvati says Mahadev didn’t stop you from doing a miracle.

Gomti and Sumiti apply Mehendi to their hands. Manjula asks Pankhudi to get the Mehendi applied to her hands. Pankhudi asks Purva to get Mehendi first. A lady asks Purva if she is fasting for her would-be husband. Purva says she is married. Lady asks why there is no sindoor in her maang. Pankhudi says her husband doesn’t regard her as his wife. The lady calls her bhajan and says your reflection will burn every suhagan’s happiness. Dadi says she is my grandson…The lady asks Dadi to throw her out from there and signs Pankhudi. Purva runs out and is about to fall, but Vedant holds her. Everyone comes there. Parvati Ji asks Alakshmi to stop doing all this and says how can you do to a suhagan. Alakshmi asks if she is Purva. Parvati says she is suhagan.

Vedant asks what happened? Dadi says the ladies refused to apply Mehendi to Purva. Vedant asks why? Dadi says for the karwachauth fast. Vedant says she is not my Purva and is about to go. Purva holds his hand and says give me the right of your wife, I am your wife.

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