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The Good Son 17 July 2021: The Good Son update Saturday 17th July 2021 Dadi asking Vedant to give 50 lakhs to Chokas and do partnership with Agarwal. Vedant says then Agarwal will take our hospital. Narendra says Chokas is very dangerous. Vedant asks him not to scare them and tries to tickle him to cheer them up. He tells that he has an important case and leaves. Dadi tells Purva that Vedant is smiling and is very tensed. She asks Purva to make Vedant agree to give hospital to Agarwal and asks her to threaten him that she will leave the house. Purva says why will he listen to me, if he is not listening to you. Dadi says as he loves you. Purva is shocked. Dadi asks her to test his love. Purva says Vedant will hate me if I blackmail him, which I can’t bear. Dadi says he loves you and asks her to agree.

Sanju holds Pankhudi’s hand and asks her not to go to hospital today. He says we will go for dinner as my exams were good because of you. Pankhudi says I don’t have time. Sanju asks what do you mean and holds her hand tightly. Pankhudi says she is feeling pain. Sanju says we will go in 2-3 days and goes. Pankhudi thinks this trouble is after her, and thinks she couldn’t make Vedant hers. Purva asks him to sign on the papers and give partnership to Agarwal. She says you can run the hospital as you like. Vedant says he will get all 100 percent hospital and his eyes are on that land always. Purva says you are risking everyone’s lives for that hospital. Purva says I never thought that I will agree with your Babu ji ever, and says you have to sign the papers. Vedant says he is going to hospital and will stay there in night. Purva threatens to leave the house if he don’t sign the papers. Vedant says where will you go? Purva says she had given an interview and passed the test. She says if I have any value in the house, then sign on the papers else I can’t stay here. She says I just want to know your decision and I will wait for it.

Dr. Agarwal meets Ramesh and tells that Vedant’s all patients have to come to us. Ramesh tells that he did a deal with him to get the hospital. He says that’s why they involved Chokas. Agarwal says Chokas agreed because of you. Ramesh says hospital name shall not change. Agarwal says I just want my money. Ramesh says Vedant is still stubborn about his decision.

Pankhudi comes to Vedant’s cabin and massages his shoulders. She says it is good that you didn’t sign the papers as people think this place as a temple. Vedant says I wish Purva would have understood. Pankhudi says if something happened. Vedant says nothing. Pankhudi emotionally blackmails him to tell. Vedant tells that Purva kept the condition that she will leave the house, if I don’t sign the papers. Pankhudi says she will talk to her.

Someone from medical council comes with Police and tells Rashmi that she they got a tip that they reuse the medical disposable stuff. He says we will check the hospital and whoever tries to stop it, will be jailed. Pankhudi asks Purva if she is leaving the house. She says she did right and will be freed from guilt, as she don’t want complicated life of Sanjeevani sadan. Purva says she wants Vedant to sign on the papers. Pankhudi asks if she thinks Vedant loves her. Purva says Dadi thinks like this. Pankhudi says Dadi thinks when a girl and boy are together, then that is love. She asks if she wants Vedant to love her. Purva says no. Pankhudi says then you will not get a chance to go. The medical council member asks Vedant to sign on the paper and says they found the reusable and expired stuff from his store room. He asks him to prove in court that it is not his stuff. Vedant refuses to sign and blames him for conspiring against him.

Rashmi says she doesn’t know how these stuff are found here. Vedant asks them to leave. He thinks he won’t let them win Dada ji’s hospital. Ramesh smiles talking to Agarwal. Gomti asks what did he say? Vedant comes home and goes to room upset. Ramesh smiles and says same thing is happening as we thought. Vedant comes to Purva and says I have decided not to sign on those papers, and says I will not give even 1 percent of Jeevan Rekha to Agarwal and says if you want to leave then I will not stop you. He leaves from his room. Purva thinks of Dadi’s words and says you are wrong, he don’t love me. Vedant comes to dadi and says I will not bear anymore. He says now war will happen, and the hospital will be just of Dada ji. Dadi asks him to say. Vedant asks her to bless him and says a honest man will handle goons, and will show his krishna’s avatar to them, and says they will see my new face. He walks out of house.

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